How to confirm whether you are pregnant?Teach you 5 ways to easily confirm

With the improvement of the quality of life, everyone also pays great attention to the eugenics and good breeding, and will have planned pregnancy in advance. This type of parents find that pregnancy is more timely.Of course, some are naturally pregnant, and sometimes they are pregnant but don’t know.Therefore, it is necessary to learn some methods and common sense to detect pregnancy. I hope that every novice parents can learn.

Mainly know whether you are pregnant through these 5 ways:

① Predictivity prediction

Menstruation stopping is the earliest most important symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy. This is what married women must understand.If the menstrual cycle has been normal before, there is a possibility of pregnancy that is already pregnant for more than a week.At this time, you must pay attention to diet and travel. You can buy the pregnancy test stick to test it by yourself. If you have two bars, you can go to the hospital for blood test or B -ultrasound to confirm the fetal condition as soon as possible.

② Ovulation test strip

After the expectant mothers are pregnant, the human choric membrane promotes gonadotropin (HCG) in the body.When the ovulation test strip detection appears positive reactions, it does not mean that it is pregnant. The ovulation test strip does not have a weak yang. It does not mean that there is no pregnancy, because the cross -reaction is not inevitable.Therefore, the accuracy of the ovulation test strip is very low, and it is generally not recommended.

③Bathing stick

This is the most convenient way to test now. There are major pharmacies.Specific mothers can measure the chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the urine after pregnancy, which is conducive to maintaining pregnancy.In order to improve the accuracy of the test, the morning urine is used.

④ Hospital blood testing and urine test

Blood test (HCG) test: You can do a blood HCG test in about 10 days after the same room to clearly diagnose whether you are pregnant.This method is also the most reliable, more accurate and reliable pregnancy testing method, and it is relatively fast. Generally, hospitals can do this test.

Urine test test: Urine test pregnancy is very accurate, provided that the urine is fresh and not polluted. Morninguria needs to be used.It is recommended that menstruation is relatively accurate after one week of delay.

⑤ Hospital check B -ultrasound confirmation

There may be unreasonable places for test strip testing. I hope to use B ultrasound to determine. After all, this is more intuitive. If you use B -ultrasound, you can choose to go to the hospital for about seven days after menopause. Generally speakingYou can see clearly.

The above is the five methods that can be detected from pregnancy. It is recommended to choose the most accurate and safest way to confirm that I am pregnant. After pregnancy, I will start preparing to build a file. I will continue to share the process of building files in major hospitals in Beijing.

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