How to check for infertility for a long time?# # #

How to check for infertility for a long time?

Peking University Binhai Hospital Fifth Central Hospital.

Infertility means that no effective contraceptive measures are taken, and a regular sex life has been called infertility for more than a year without pregnancy.In men calling for infertility, many husbands and wives will see many husbands and wives after a period of pregnancy without pregnancy to ask the doctor to help check it.Doctor Yuan has such a few suggestions to help you check in infertility more efficiently.

· The first point, for the first time for women with menstruation, it is recommended to choose seven to eight days before you expect the next menstrual period.It is best to take all the reports and materials you have checked in the past, including previous surgical records, some previous medical reports, etc., so that doctors can be used for reference to do corresponding supplementary tests and inspections.

At this time, another purpose is to check blood to check the progesterone results of blood to remind you if you have ovulation.The second time to come to the doctor is recommended for two to five days of menstruation.The menstrual period refers to the first day of menstruation instead of clean menstruation.The purpose of diagnosis during menstrual period is to detect blood hormones and detecting gonades to evaluate the ovarian reserve function. At the same time, this month can be monitored by follicles in eight to ten days of menstruation.The endometrium.

If the ovulation is good and there is no pregnancy, there is a third suggestion, it is recommended that you do not check the fallopian tubal angiography in the same room for three to seven days in the next three to seven days.Now it is more to use the fallopian tubal angiography under ultrasound to understand the smooth situation of the fallopian tube and some of the pelvic cavity and endometrium.

Donivation tubal angiography, if you find the problem of fallopian tubes, endometrium, pelvic problems, etc., give you a joint examination of hysteroscopy or laparoscopy or laparoscopy to solve the anatomyDue to infertility.Of course, this is a four -point suggestion for the woman. The man must conduct semen at the same time. It is recommended to abstain from the routine check time of semen.

The above is the suggestion given by Doctor Yuan, I wish you "pregnancy".

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