How to break insomnia during pregnancy?People come here and teach you four practical methods to say goodbye to staying up late to sleep well

Text | Fulin Mommy

There was a pregnant mother for help with me two days ago. She is 34 weeks pregnant now, insomnia every night, and lying on the bed early every day, but she can’t sleep, the cheekbones hurt on both sides, and always go to the toilet.You can barely fall asleep. I am particularly worried that staying up late is not good for the baby, but I just do n’t know. How can I make myself fall asleep smoothly?

We all emphasize that we cannot stay up late during pregnancy. This is not good for the fetus and it is not good for Baoma, but many Baoma will fall into insomnia during the third trimester. In addition, we always hear such suggestions that cannot stay up late.A kind of anxiety about your insomnia, but he can’t sleep even more.

Therefore, it is more important to have some specific ways to solve the problem of insomnia for pregnant mothers. We might as well see how Baoma who has experienced insomnia during pregnancy. How do they solve this problem?question.

1. Don’t take insomnia too seriously

Insomnia is not serious, and insomnia anxiety is serious. Sometimes we want to sleep more, the more we can’t sleep, so pregnant mothers must first let go of their psychological burden.Insomnia during pregnancy is actually a normal physiological change in pregnancy, mainly caused by major changes in estrogen and lutein, so it is not controlled by Baoma’s own control.

Pregnant mothers can try it, lying quietly on the bed, don’t think about anything, let alone swipe your mobile phone, so that you can sleep earlier.

2. Reading and listening to English

Remember the skill that you can fall asleep at any time when you are a student?Every pregnant mother has what they are the most not interested in. Learning is the most common one. If you can’t read books or hate learning English the most, then use learning these things to make yourself boring. By the way, by the way, by the wayCan also be a prenatal education.

Third, eat less dinner, drink a glass of milk before bedtime

Sometimes eating too much dinner is also a cause of insomnia for pregnant mothers. It is too supportive, and the blood of the body flows to the stomach. The stomach needs to work overtime to be responsible for digestion.Affect sleep.

Dinner should be matched reasonably, just moderate, you can also drink a glass of milk before going to bed, which can also improve sleep quality.

Fourth, don’t let yourself be too idle during the day

Sometimes pregnant women fall into a vicious circle, can’t sleep at night, come to make up for the day, and then can’t sleep at night.During the day, you can do appropriate exercise, or find something you like to do it, consume some energy, you will feel sleepy at night, don’t always lie on the sofa to play with your mobile phone.

In short, let go of the mentality, don’t be anxious, do more physical or mental things during the day, don’t eat too much for dinner, read books before going to bed, don’t play mobile phones before going to bed, do not play mobile phones. It is not difficult to do these. There is always a factor that can improve you a little bit.The quality of sleep, pregnant mothers, come and try!

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