How to alleviate various pregnancy discomforts


In the first three months, expectant mothers often feel tired, which may be related to the increasing energy consumption and endocrine changes.

Specific mothers who have dry skin, swelling, and fear of coldness must eliminate the possibility of hypothyroidism; the pale and dizzy expectant mothers must also consider the possibility of hypoglycemia and anemia.

Therefore, expectant mothers should eat a small amount, appropriately increase the intake of energy and various vitamins and trace elements, maintain standard weight, check on time, regularly work, avoid fatigue.


Most of the headaches in the early pregnancy are caused by psychological factors such as hormone changes, tension, anxiety and other psychological factors.Specific mothers can learn meditation and yoga.

At the same time, pay attention to the sitting position, and relieve the method of applying the forehead, the activity of the cervical spine, massage; monitor the blood pressure, and if there is a serious continuous headache, you must seek medical treatment in time to eliminate the quality lesions of the device.


Pregnancy is a common physiological reaction for early pregnancy. Generally, it will slowly relieve the fourth month of pregnancy.

A full meal, strong smell, and greasy diet will increase pregnancy.Early meals, eat a small amount of diet, avoid greasy.Chew slowly during meals to allow taste buds to fully experience the taste of food and increase appetite.You can eat less fruits and nuts as snacks between the two meals.

It’s uncomfortable, but drink some warm lemon juice or a refreshing cold dishes to relieve it.Try to choose delicious food.If vomiting has affected normal life, you must go to the hospital for treatment in time to prevent hydrolysis disorders.

Bloating, bleeding in gums

During pregnancy, due to hormone changes and increased circulating blood volume, gums can swell, pain, and bleeding.

Specific mothers should do oral examinations and deal with dental caries during pregnancy.After pregnancy, you should keep oral hygiene, clean your mouth after meals, and insist on using dental floss.

If gum bleeding is more, not only go to dental visits, but also to eliminate blood and immune system diseases in the Department of Department.

Nasal congestion

Nasal mucosa during pregnancy will be congested, and expectant mothers may often feel that the nose is not ventilated, and it is easier to nosebleeds when the air is dry.Expectant mothers should use humidifiers every day to increase air humidity.

Studies have confirmed that 45%-65%of air humidity is not conducive to the survival of the germs and can prevent colds. At the same time, pay attention to the cleaning of the humidifier, drink plenty of water, wash the nose, and do not use spray or drops of drugs.

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