How serious is abdominal pain during pregnancy?

Indeed, if you are pregnant, you may sometimes be fatal when you do n’t take your stomach, but some mild pain is more common during pregnancy and will not hurt you and your baby.

Today, let’s relax first, talk about those pain that irrelevant during pregnancy.

If you feel abdominal pain or dull pain, the location is sometimes not fixed, and the pain will be reduced after pressing or activity. It may be:


After pregnancy, changes in hormones will weaken the digestive function and slower gastrointestinal motility. In addition, an increased uterine compressor intestines can cause bloating or constipation.

If you feel that the lower abdomen or groin is dull pain on one or both sides of the groin, it will suddenly change the position (from the bed or on the chair) or the cough will feel a brief and violent pain, or the more dull pain occurs.may be:

Round ligament pain

This pain usually starts in the middle of pregnancy, because the ligament that supports the uterus must be extended and thicker to adapt to the increase of the uterus.

If you feel that the abdomen is tight, it may be:

Pseudo contraction

(Braxton Hicks Contractions)

This occasional uterine contraction will appear as early as 6-7 weeks of pregnancy, but you can only feel it in the middle of pregnancy, and as the pregnancy week increases, it will become more and more frequent.

It is usually occasional, irregular, painful or even painless, and the duration is short (more than 1 minute), and it will not gradually increase.

If there are signs of premature premature (such as vaginal bleeding and vaginal flow) within 1 hour or more within 1 hour, you should go to the hospital immediately.

Although the pain above will not endanger your safety of you and your baby, sometimes it is uncomfortable. You can:

Take a walk or exercise slightly


Bubble bath, shower or local hot compress

(The temperature must not be too high)

Local massage

(Please find a professional masseur)

The side of the body is painful

Place the pillow and use the support belly belt

Drink plenty of water or other liquid

(The dehydration state is easy to cause pseudo contractions)

Fully rest

Constipation of drug treatment

(Find a doctor to open a laxative available for pregnant women)

After the above methods, the pain is significantly reduced or disappeared, and you don’t have to worry too much.

Remember: Abdominal pain during pregnancy can be obstacle or fatal.Therefore, you must not know what’s going on, don’t easily diagnose yourself, especially pain accompanied by vaginal bleeding, fever, chilling, vaginal abnormal secretions, dizziness, dysuria, nausea, vomiting, or after rest, you can’tWhen ease, please go to the doctor in time to avoid delaying the condition.

Well, next time I will explain the fatal abdominal pain during pregnancy, so stay tuned!Intersection

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