How much is hypotension?What should I do if I have low blood pressure?One article understands the cause of hypotension, prevention and control methods

We have all heard of hypertension, and we know more about the harm of hypertension. What about hypotension?Is it better for health?In fact, the health of the human body is a balance, and the blood pressure is too high or too low. Today, take everyone to understand the hypotension. How does it appear?What are the symptoms or harm?

In fact, the current WHO has not set the standards for hypotension, and there is no uniform standard. So how much blood pressure is considered hypotension?Low blood pressure generally refers to the drop of blood pressure below 90/60mmHg, that is, the systolic blood pressure (high pressure) is lower than 90 mmHg, and the diastolic pressure (low pressure) is lower than 60mmHg.

Low blood pressure does not seem to be common in people’s concepts, but in fact hypotension can be seen in many diseases, and simple hypotension will also seriously affect personal health, especially for the elderly, such as long -term for a long time, such as long -termLie, or sit and squat for a long time, and suddenly stand up. For many people, dizziness will occur. This is a relatively common hypotension state, also known as orthopedic hypotension. This isHypotension is not a problem for young and middle -aged people, but for the elderly, it may cause syncope or fall, which can cause other more serious diseases and should be valued by more people.

Anyone may have low blood pressure, but people who are old people, pregnant women, and healthy people with regular exercise habits are more common.So should I see a doctor for hypotension?This should be distinguished. If the value of blood pressure is low for a long time, but there is no symptoms of discomfort, it means that there is no serious problem in the body, or the body adapts to this hypotension state.For example, athletes or healthy people with exercise habits will have a lower blood pressure. At this time, even if there are some mild symptoms, such as mild dizziness, it will not affect work and life.There is no need to seek medical treatment.Of course, you can also check to avoid other hidden diseases.

But if the following problems occur, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible:

1. Suddenly decreased blood pressure, this situation will cause the human body’s organs to reduce the blood supply and cause damage to the organs.

2. Severe syncope, such as feeling heavy heads, fainting after a long time, and so on.

3. There are palpitations.

4. There is a state of vague vision, and it may also be accompanied by nausea, body fever, and sweating.

In fact, the symptoms of obvious hypotension are mainly through the patient’s self -sensation. When the blood pressure decreases, the blood flow transported to all parts of the body will also be reduced. Especially after the blood flow of the brain is reduced, people will make people uncomfortable and produce low.Blood pressure phenomenon.However, these symptoms vary from person to person, but they are roughly similar:

Feel a heavy head or dizziness.

Sihogging and fainting.

Attention decreases.

Visual vision.


Da sweat out, the skin is wet and cold.

Specific breathing and shortness.



There are many reasons for hypotension, but they are divided into two types. Among them, the acute hypotension often hurts the human body.

The main reasons for hypotension are the following:

1. Pregnancy

It may be caused by uterine compression to large blood vessels, such as aorta or cavity veins, but the hypotension of pregnant women generally does not have any symptoms and do not need to consider too much.Adjustable treatment should be performed, otherwise fetal ischemia may also be performed.

2. Liver disease

This is generally severe liver disease, and bleeding or ascites have occurred. At this time, the blood flow slows down and the blood flow is reduced, which induce hypotension.

3. heat stroke or thermal exhaustion

Severing stroke or heat failure often sweats more. Patients with dehydration and hypotamida caused by hyponiasis need to be treated as soon as possible to avoid other complications.

4, dehydration

Insufficient body fluid in the patient’s arteries, the causes of dehydration are: insufficient water intake, severe vomiting or diarrhea, and excessive sweating, such as severe exercise, long -distance running, and so on.

5. Drug

Taking drugs that treat diseases such as hypertension, depression, Parkinson, etc., the dosage is not suitable or the patient is more sensitive, which may lead to hypotension

6. Hormonal or neurological disorders

It is often the nerve of the blood vessels, or the hormone changes, such as diabetic neuropathy, hypoglycemia, thyroid disease, and so on.

7, heart factors

The heart is abnormal, resulting in reduced heart beating power, such as heart failure, heart rate and other factors.

8. Aging

According to the survey, about 10-20% of people 65 and above have low blood pressure.The consideration may be because the blood flow will decrease with age, but the accumulation of the blood vessels will gradually increase.

Acute hypotension occurs suddenly and high danger. Once there are several cases, you should not consider too much to perform first aid for patients:

1. Excessive blood loss

2. The body temperature drops rapidly or rises rapidly

3. Heart failure caused by myocardial problems

4. Severe

5. Vomiting or fever and severe dehydration

6. The human body is affected by drugs or alcohol

7. Severe allergies or shock

The diagnosis of low blood pressure is mainly to go to the hospital. Medical staff will check and diagnose the patients. However, there are many families such as blood pressure meters and other equipment. You can also often monitor blood pressure through blood pressure meters.Low, and uncomfortable, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible:

The most common way of testing is to measure blood pressure and pulse when the patient is sitting or lying down, and then wait for the patient to get up before measuring.

The number of red blood cells is detected by blood tests, doctors can determine whether the cause of hypotension is anemia, and confirm whether the patient’s water and chemical balance in the patient’s body are normal.

In addition, doctors will also check whether the patient’s heart is operating normally.

There are not many treatments for simple hypotension. Generally, only mild dizziness symptoms or asymptomatic hypotension usually do not require treatment.However, if the patient’s hypotension is caused by drugs, it can be treated by replacing the drug or adjusting the dose to treat hypotension.

In addition, depending on the symptoms and age, the cause should be found as much as possible, and the right medicine should be performed.

Increase salt intake in diet

This method is simple, but there are certain risks, especially for the high risk of the elderly. If it is improper, it may cause heart failure, and it should be carried out under the guidance of a doctor.

Drink more water

It is mainly for the hypotension caused by the decline in blood flow of patients. Drinking water can increase the blood volume in the body and improve dehydration.

take medicine

This type is mainly suitable for severe posture hypotension.

In daily life, we can use some more natural methods or methods to help improve hypotension:

1. For posture hypotension, do not move too fast when you stand up, so that your body has time to adapt, especially when you just wake up. It is recommended to sit next to the bed and stand up.Holding stable things and avoiding dizziness suddenly.

2. Avoid activities that consume a lot of energy on hot days, such as running, climbing, marathon, and so on.

3. Keep sufficient water at any time, especially when the summer is hot

4. Give up the pillow, and the head is in a slightly higher position than the heart when sleeping.

5. People with poor backflow can consider wearing pressure pantyhose. It is best to choose a style that can extend to the abdomen.

6. Avoid excessive drinking.

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