How much does the party ginse?

Codonopsis has the effect of nourishing Zhongyi Qi and strengthening the spleen and lungs. So what is the price of Codonopsis in 2018? How can we choose Codonopsis? Want to know? Come and understand how much Codonopsis is made with Xiaobian.Big 2018!

How much is a pound of party ginseng 2018 2018

As a commonly used traditional replenishment medicine, Codonopsis, because the market demand is large, the price is generally about 30 to 40 yuan a pound. Nowadays, the average price of the small bar market is 43 yuan per catty.The differences in different prices such as quality, origin, and market are very large.

How to choose a Codonopsis

Codonopsis: There are most wart -like stem marks and bud marks on the head of the root head, which is said to be "lion head head"; there is a dense ring -shaped horizontal line under the root head, which is thinner downwards.None, a little hard or slightly tough, the section has a crack or a attack -like texture.Generally, the "lion head" of wild varieties is large, and the ring -shaped horizontal lines are dense.It is better to use the root strip, soft quality, strong smell, and scum without scum.

Suwa Codonopsis: There are dense and obvious circular wrinkles on the upper body of the upper body. It is said that the "earthworm head" is used, and the horizontal lines often reach half of the total length.There are many sections.It is better to use the root strip, rough, skin tight, horizontal dense, and sweet.

Sichuan Codonopsis: Long cylindrical, the end is slightly thin, few branches, and there are obvious irregular longitudinal grooves and dot -shaped protruding leather holes. The top has a thin horizontal pattern.", But there are fewer stem marks; those with thin strips are thinner and small are" loach heads ".The quality is soft and strong, the section has fewer cracks, and there is a circle of light brown ring on the periphery of the wood.It is better to use the root strip, soft quality, and strong smell.”P”副”E”

The efficacy and role of Codonopsis

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that Codonopsis has the effects of "replenishing the middle, nourishing qi, reinforcement, and spleen".The latest scientific research found that the various nutrients contained in Cangshen are helpful for human body’s immunity, blood vessels, and other organs.

1. Aid blood vessels

Codonopsis contains substances that reduce blood lipids, blood pressure, and blood blocks, which can improve prevention of patients with coronary heart disease and cardiovascular disease.People usually take the harm that can stay away from the "three highs".

2. Help blood

Codonopsis can promote blood circulation in the human body, and at the same time, it also has the role of hematopoietic regeneration and promote the growth of red blood cells.Therefore, it effectively helps people strengthen physical immunity and improve physical fitness.

3. Assisting digestion

Codonopsis can not only replenish qi, but also balance the digestive system.Drinking the soup made of Codonopsis can promote gastrointestinal digestion and gastric secretion.This allows people to not only appetite, but also prevent gastrointestinal diseases such as gastric ulcers.

4. Help the mind

According to scientific research, the ability to learn and remember after taking Codonopsis has improved significantly.Therefore, after taking people, it can help improve learning ability, and have peace of calmness and improve sleep quality.

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