How much do you know about leucorrhea "secrets"?During pregnancy, these situations need to be paid attention to in the occurrence of leucorrhea

After pregnancy, due to the changes in the level of hormone in the body, multiple organs of the expectant mothers will change accordingly, such as the breasts become larger, the nipple becomes bigger, the areola becomes bigger, the skin becomes better or worse, Graduate, increased secretions, etc.We all know that women’s vagina usually maintains a moist state. There will be a small amount of transparent and colorless and tasteless secretions secreted by the vagina. This mucus is what we call leucorrhea.After pregnancy, due to the changes in hormones in the body, leucorrhea will increase than before pregnancy. If the expectant mother usually takes improper care, there may also be "colored leucorrhea". The expectant mothers must pay great attention. If necessarytreat!

Normal leucorrhea will change with the physiological cycle: the secretion will increase one or two days before ovulation, and there will be thicker on the day of ovulation.; A few days before menstruation, or there will be more secretions on the same day, and there will be deep colors; during pregnancy, expectant mothers will secrete more votes.However, due to the increase in vaginal glycoprotein, it is more likely to lead to the derivation and reproduction of bacteria, thereby inducing various inflammation.

As a expectant mother, you must pay attention to the changes in leucorrhea!Usually try to wear light -colored cotton underwear, which is easier to observe the changes in leucorrhea.When the leucorrhea increases, you must observe its color and smell. If you find something wrong, you must tell the doctor in time.

If it is a normal leucorrhea, this is the case: the amount of leucorrhea is small, but at the time of ovulation, the amount of leucorrhea will increase, which is mainly the effect of estrogen level in the receptor.The color is white or colorless and transparent.The leucorrhea is thinner and slightly sticky.The leucorrhea smell is slightly fishy and has no odor.

If the color in the leucorrhea is abnormal, if the following situations appear, the expectant mother must attract great attention:

1. Lands like milk, sticky, large amount, and not itchy. This may be suffering from vaginitis or cervicitis.

2. The leucorrhea is white cheese -like, thick, slightly sweet, and itching in the genitals, which may be Candida infection.

3. The leucorrhea is yellow -green, the scarcity has a foam, a bad odor, and itching in the vagina, which may be vaginal trichomonas infection.

4, the leucorrhea is brown, water -shaped, with moldy smell, it is suspected to be vaginitis, or endometritis or endometritis or in the uterine confession.

5. The leucorrhea is gray and bloodshot, thin, a small amount to a large amount, and the taste is unpleasant. It may be cervicitis or vaginitis.

Because the fetal baby has a parcel of amniotic membrane, the environment of survival is isolated from the outside world, so mild infections generally have no effect on the baby’s baby.However, if it is not treated in time, it has a great impact on the baby: such as Candida infection, which will seriously cause premature birth and premature fetal membrane.Sexual dermatitis; like trichomonas vaginitis, it will seriously lead to abortion and premature birth of prospective mothers; expectant mothers who are infected with bacterial vaginal disease will feel pain in vaginal pain and affect the quality of husband and wife life when doing normal sexual life.If the bacteria go up the cervix, there will be a risk of premature breakthrough and premature birth.

Once the expectant mothers find abnormal leucorrhea, they must tell the doctor in time in time, and then take different treatment plans according to the corresponding situations. As long as they are well cited with doctors, they can basically be treated before production.In order to grow and develop the baby’s healthy growth, expectant mothers must be cautious, let’s greet the health of the baby’s baby together!I am Yuanbao, I hope this article can help you!Welcome everyone to pay attention to the message!

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