How much do you know about drug abortion?

1. Early pregnancy ≤ 7 weeks to abandon the abortion of the outpatient drugs. Those who are 8 to 9 weeks of pregnancy should be admitted to inpatient drug abortion. Regardless of surgical abortion or drug abortion ≥ 10 weeks, hospitalization should be hospitalized.For ≥10 weeks of drug logistics failure scrape, amniotic fluid embolism should be alert.”Pregnant”

During the observation of the hospital, the following situations need to be seek medical treatment immediately:””

(1) Continuous or large bleeding, pay attention to observe the amount of bleeding and observe whether there are tissue discharge;

(2) The fever lasts for more than 24 hours;

(3) Use frontolic drugs to stay in the hospital for observation to look at home after returning home and feel unwell for more than 24 hours;

(4) Specify abdominal pain during the drug abortion, especially when it is accompanied by anal swelling or the general situation is not good, you should pay attention to the possibility of except for ectopic pregnancy. Pay attention to distinguishing diseases such as ectopic pregnancy, hydatidal tires to prevent missed diagnosis or misdiagnosis diagnosis.Items

(5) Those who do not see the excretion of embryo after the medication are used in a timely manner for a clear diagnosis.”I want to go to the headline”

2. Mi-non-lygostero-measothrose combination scheme is recommended as the preferred treatment plan for drug abortion.There are different ways to administer the frontol, including oral, vagina, oral cheese mucosa and tongue.The adverse reactions and methods are slightly different. The gastrointestinal adverse reactions caused by macolycol vagina are less.After using miffl ketone and maco anterior glycol, it observes its adverse reactions, especially the precursor of macoly alert the severe adverse reactions such as allergic shock and throat edema.””””

3. The probability of infection in the infection of the drug abortion is extremely low, so it is not routine to apply antibiotic prevention infection.

Ovulation can be restored 2 weeks after early pregnancy, and effective contraceptive measures are not taken in time. You may be pregnant again before the first menstruation. Therefore, high -efficiency or long -term contraception measures should be implemented immediately after abortion.

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