How many pounds do you get pregnant?Want to produce smoothly, try not to exceed this range

The health of the mother is directly related to the health of the fetus,

Today, talk to you about pregnancy

How should I eat healthy?

1. Before pregnancy, it is not advisable to "overly losing weight" and "too much fertilizer"

If young women lose weight too much, they will cause ovarian dysfunction, which is not good for conception.

Women who are "WHO" (WHO certification BMI25.0 and China certification above 23.9 are overweight). When pregnant, the incidence of gestational diabetes and pregnancy hypertension will increase, and it will increase during production.

Therefore, before pregnancy, try to condition the body into a healthy state.

2. Increased weight during pregnancy

The physique before pregnancy is different, and the weight gain is different. Try not to go below as much as possible ~

BMI calculation formula = weight (kg) ÷ height ² (m)

Studies have shown that women who are "thin" and "normal weight" before pregnancy have increased the risk of low birth weight when they increase their weight less than 7kg during pregnancy.For low -birth weight, diabetes, hypertension, etc. in adulthood, so you need to eat a balanced diet during pregnancy and scientifically manage your weight.

3. Centered on the staple food, actively ingest energy

In the current diet structure, too much fat intake should be carbohydrate as the source of energy.

Rice containing carbohydrates have a lot of protein and less fat content, and it is easy to match various foods to balance nutrition.

4. The main course is the "foundation" for maintaining physical functions.

Meat, fish, eggs, and soy products should be balanced.In order to prevent anemia, red meat and fish should be actively consumed.

However, during pregnancy and three months of pregnancy, foods with many vitamin A such as liver, or nutritional agents containing vitamin A should avoid continuous intake.

5 Insufficient vitamins and mineral nutrients, actively intake from side dishes

Vitamin, mineral nutrients, food fiber and other nutrients contained in vegetables are essential nutrients that maintain the health of mothers during pregnancy and the development of fetal development.Vegetables can take more nutrients than raw cooking.

Fruit is also a supply source for vitamin C, potassium, etc. It should be actively ingestable, but due to the high content of fruit sugar, it is advisable to be 150-200g a day.

6. The combination of diverse foods such as milk and dairy products to supplement sufficient calcium

During pregnancy and milk, the necessary calcium should be actively ingesting, and a nutritious and balanced eating habit should be developed.

7. Avoid the harm of tobacco and alcohol to the baby

Smoking and second -hand smoke during pregnancy and breastfeeding will have adverse effects on the development of fetus, baby and the secretion of maternal milk.Even, compared with babies who are in contact with second -hand cigarettes, compared with babies without smoking families, the chances of infants’ sudden death will increase.

If you drink alcohol during pregnancy, the risk of fetal intellectual disorders and developmental disorders will increase.

8. Keep your body and mind happy during pregnancy, and have a good mood

The changes in hormones during pregnancy can easily cause physical and mental anxiety.For the physical and mental health of pregnant women, the family must give more care.

In short, during pregnancy,

The right diet,

Proper weight management,

A happy life,

And moderate exercise,

Each link is crucial.

May every beautiful mother,

They all bred healthy and cute babies.

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