How many flows do you have to give birth?Expert: Every time it may be the last time

One or two months after the cold and summer vacation or Valentine’s Day, the obstetrics and gynecology department of major hospitals will always usher in a wave of crowds."" ".At the same time, women with the first flow of people feel worried and worry that the abortion surgery will lead to infertility.Regarding the flow of people, how many times the flow of people can not be born, it has always been a hot topic. Hu Dongmei, deputy director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Pearl River Hospital of Southern Medical University, said in an online interview with family doctors that the flow of people can inevitably affect women’s fertility.It is also impossible to ensure that women can still get pregnant normally after this flow, so women should try to take contraception as much as possible to avoid flow of people.

How many flows do you have to give birth?In some Internet rumors, some people seem to be the "iron" uterus, and the flow of people has been several times. When they want children, they still conceive and give birth to healthy babies.This will inevitably cause people to be lucky. Since they can still give birth to so many times, then I just occasionally do not have contraceptives, right?Anyway, it won’t be done to do a flow of people.

Deputy Director Hu Dongmei pointed out that if women have such a fluke, they will not be able to take the bumpy fruit.

"Indeed, some people have to do the children as if they are fine seven or eight times, but some people have lost the opportunity to be a mother since then.It will accumulate with the number of times. Everyone has different constitutions. No one can guarantee that it will be normal to get pregnant normally after this flow. Therefore, women must protect themselves, do contraception, and try to avoid accidental pregnancy and abortion."

According to Deputy Director Hu Dongmei, no matter the abortion of the drug, the general abortion surgery, the painless abortion surgery, and even the painless visible flow, it may damage the uterus, bringing the risk of infection, residue, perforation, etc. This may be possible.As a result, infertility occurs, "the flow of people may first damage women’s uterus, especially endometrium, especially uterine endometrium.The uterine cavity adhesion caused by damage. If the adhesion is serious, the treatment effect is often not ideal. At this time, it is difficult for women to want to get pregnant again. In addition, if the abortion occurs after the abortion, it may lead to chronic pelvic inflammatory disease., Accumulating water, increasing the difficulty of pregnancy and the chance of ectopic pregnancy. "

Although obstetrics and gynecologists always repeatedly recommend that women try not to be abortion, but if the abortion surgery is inevitable, women still need to pay attention to some taboos of abortion, so as not to cause serious harm to their bodies.

Deputy Director Hu Dongmei told his family doctor to edit online that although abortion surgery is not a major surgery, it is not that everyone can do it. For women, surgery needs to be suspended in some cases, otherwise it may bring serious complications.

"Women must go to a regular hospital for examination before the abortion to ensure the safety of abortion. Before the abortion must be checked to clarify the size and location of the pregnancy sac. Women who have had a history of cesarean section surgery in the past must be alert to scar pregnancy, that is, whether the pregnancy sac is on the scar of the uterus. If the scar pregnancy is not found and the pedestrian flow is light, severe bleeding may occur during the operation.Patients may have hemorrhagic shock or even death. In addition, the basic diseases of some women, such as hematological diseases, vaginitis, or infectious diseases, are not suitable for surgery, otherwise there will be more bleeding or increase in infection, spreading infection, and spreading, and spreading infection.Infectious shock, pelvic inflammatory disease, infertility, etc. in the long term. Therefore, once the examination is found to have taboos of abortion, you must first deal with these diseases, and then take the corresponding treatment method according to the actual situation of the patient, and choose the appropriate flow of people.opportunity."

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