How many B -ultrasound do women do during pregnancy?

Hello everyone!I am a doctor of the ultrasonic class. Welcome to Ban Ge to talk about the ultrasound. Recently, the prospective mother who just became pregnant asked: From pregnancy to the baby’s birth, we have to do a few B -ultrasound. Now we come to talk about this topic.

Ultrasonic examination is almost a check that all expectant mothers need to do. Compared with other imaging examinations, it has several characteristics and advantages, including non -trauma, no radiation, cheap costs, dynamic observation of real -time dynamic observation, and repetitiveness.The recognition of doctors and patients has high acceptance, which makes it a necessary means of prenatal examination. Then when you return to the topic just now, how many ultrasound examinations should be checked from pregnancy to baby birth?What is the content and meaning?

The first time is the regular ultrasound test during early pregnancy. From 4 to 5 weeks of menstruation to 10 weeks and 6 days before pregnancy. At this timeIt is also necessary to verify the real gestational week), whether the embryo survives, whether the heart tube is beating, and the number of gestational sacs and embryos. If it is multiple pregnancy, the number of amniotic vessels and choric membranes should be distinguished (that is, whether there is a common placenta.), Are there uterine fibroids?In addition, the situation of bilateral accessories is also explored.

The second time is also a B -ultrasound during early pregnancy, but this time it is special, called 11 weeks and 0 days -13 weeks and 6 days NT ultrasound examination. In addition to the content of this time, this timeIncreased the measurement of NT thickness values and the preliminary large structure observation (that is, our commonly known as a small row of malformation).

Fetal mode diagram

11 weeks 0 days-13 weeks 6 days NT ultrasound check

The third time is the pre-spoken ultrasound test of 18-24 weeks of pregnancy. The main content is to measure various biological parameters of the fetus and observe the attached objects such as placenta, amniotic fluid, umbilical cord, etc.See if there are serious deformities, evaluate the growth and development of the fetus, see if there are limited growth and so on.

The fourth time is between 28-32 weeks, which is the malformation screening during late pregnancy, and it is also a small row. Similarly, this inspection must also evaluate the growth parameters and conduct a part of the deformed investigation.Late malformations and so on.

After that, the I -level prenatal ultrasonic examination is about 5 times a week before childbirth, about 5 times. Due to the large fetus during this period, the structure, especially the bones, has been mature. At this timeThe content is to evaluate the baby’s weight, etc., and the fetal attachment, fetal position, and so on. They are prepared for the upcoming childbirth to prepare for the baby’s birth.

Therefore, the expectant mothers need to do at least about 10 B -ultrasound during pregnancy, and this is just the number of conventional times. It is not considered a variety of emergency emergency situations. Moms, do you know?

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