How long can women get pregnant?

How long can women get pregnant? This is a healthy topic that many people are focusing on. Only by understanding common sense of pregnancy and taking targeted nursing measures can we better reserve the potential harm of contraceptive diseases during pregnancy.It is necessary to carefully understand the common sense during pregnancy and clear health care measures during pregnancy in order to in -depth and effective potential damage to the illness during illness.

How long can women get pregnant?

Under normal circumstances, we can detect it 7-10 days after sex.You can use early pregnancy test strips or pregnancy test sticks to test some morning urine.Of course, the later the sex life is tested, the more accurate the results will be.Therefore, the earliest one week after a woman in the same room, you can measure whether he is pregnant at the latest 3 weeks.

In addition, early pregnancy will experience early pregnancy in dizziness, nausea, drowsiness and breast swelling in the early stages of pregnancy.However, this series of reactions must be more obvious after 10-14 days of pregnancy, and it can gradually disappear after three months.Therefore, if female friends find that they have the above symptoms, they can prepare early pregnancy test strips or pregnancy test sticks.

The principle of early pregnancy test strips is to detect the HCG value in women’s body, that is, the human chorionic gonadotropin.This hormone consists of placenta and can enter the urine through blood circulation.A few days after pregnancy, a few days after pregnancy can appear in the urine, but it is difficult to test in the early period. It will not be obvious for about 10 to 14 days.You can also go directly to the hospital to test the blood or test the HCG value.

Although many test strips indicate that women can be tested after one day delayed menstruation.However, the speed and quantity of women’s emissions HCG hormones are different.Perform urine tests too early, and the results may be wrong.Moreover, early pregnancy test strips and pregnancy test sticks are only the first step in testing and cannot be confirmed.

The above introduces you how long the women can be used to test it, understand whether they are pregnant, and take the corresponding nursing measures during pregnancy, which will help in -depth control of the potential harm of diseases during pregnancy in a shorter period of time.

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