How long can I test pregnancy in the early pregnancy test strip?Will you use the early pregnancy test paper?

Early pregnancy test strip is a product that facilitates women to detect whether they are pregnant. They can only be used as a preliminary screening test, and they will have false positive or false negatives.

How long can I test the test strip of the early pregnancy?

You need to know how long you can get pregnant for early pregnancy test strips, you must know how long it will occur after pregnancy.

Waiting for the combination of ejaculation after the same room: one to three days.After the same room, the sperm can only be converged with the egg through a period of time.Sometimes it is 72 hours. The time of fertilized eggs enter the uterus: three to four days.After the successful combination of essence eggs, the fertilized eggs move to the uterus while developing the fallopian tube, and it can reach the uterus after about three to four days.

Time for fertilized egg activity: two to three days.After entering the uterus, the fertilized eggs must be moved for a while before you can find the foothold, and finally we will bed in the uterus.After the fertilized eggs are in bed, the fertilized eggs are connected to the uterus through the placenta.The placenta will produce HCG.HCG will appear in the urine. The concentration at the beginning is very low. Sometimes it can’t be verified, or only two bars are tested.The faint one may be very light, and it is almost invisible.

If you are implantation early and early, HCG will be generated after seven days, but at this time the concentration is very low, and the early pregnancy test strip is difficult to check.Therefore, at least two to three days are a little higher, you can see two bars deep and shallow.Therefore, the earliest pregnancy test strip can be used for pregnancy.And if the ovulation time and bed time are postponed, some people may have to measure pregnancy in about 15 days.

How to use early pregnancy test strips is correct?

Many people used test strips for the first time, and they were panicked or excited.There may not be the correct use of early pregnancy test strips, resulting in errors in test results.So it is best to achieve the following points to ensure that the test results are correct:

1. Use morning urine (the first urine in the morning) to detect, and the results are more accurate.

2. Do not use expired early pregnancy test strips (pay more attention to the date on the packaging).

3. Use the test strip after Kaifeng to use immediately to avoid the test results from the tide.

4. Use strictly in accordance with the instructions.(After dipping fresh and clean urine, flatten the early pregnancy test strip and check the results within 5 minutes)

5. Do not confuse ovulation test strips and pregnancy test strips (the ovulation test strip will have double bars even if you are not pregnant. When you ask your husband to buy it, don’t buy it wrong).

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