How long can I know that I am pregnant?

After preparing for pregnancy, you can get pregnant, and female friends are urgent to know if they are pregnant.So, how long can female friends know that they are pregnant?Let’s take a look at it together.

For women’s problems of pregnancy, we must decide according to different ways to check pregnancy.There are generally three ways to check pregnancy.The first is the test paper testing method of early pregnancy. This method of testing can make us more convenient to test pregnancy. Women only need to detect at home.The second method of testing is a pregnancy test. This requires going to the hospital for blood drawing or urine examination.The third check method is to perform B -ultrasound. This method of inspection is a very standard detection method.Different inspection methods have different time.We will explain how long to test pregnancy based on each check method now.

How long does it take to test the early pregnancy test paper testing

Use early pregnancy test paper testing methods, generally start detection after half a month of pregnancy.After the combination of sperm and eggs, it will begin to grow and develop in the uterus. After a certain time, some HCG substances will be secreted. This substance can enter the urine of the human body. Women can detect this substance with early pregnancy test paper.However, at the beginning of pregnancy, the content of this substance was still very low. It was not seen within one week of pregnancy.Therefore, the best detection time should be after half a month of pregnancy, so that the detected results will be more accurate.

How long does it take to test the pregnancy test test of pregnancy?

In fact, there are some uncertainty to buy some early pregnancy testing paper for testing.Therefore, if we want to accurately detect whether women are pregnant, we still need to use the hospital’s pregnancy test test.This detection method is inspected through blood spot checks, which usually starts to detect after a week of pregnancy.We can go to the hospital for blood, and the doctor will check the HCG content in the blood.In addition, this method of examination can also help us view the progesterone content in the body, which requires us to pay attention.

How long does it take to test the B -ultrasound detection method of pregnancy?

The use of B -ultrasound for physical detection is a better detection method.This is the doctor’s use of professional instruments to check the existence of the fetus and observe the development of the fetus.Specific mothers can see the presence of the fetus from the B -ultrasound display, which is also the most accurate pregnancy check.The test time for this detection method is in the fifth week of pregnancy, that is, it can be detected after one month of pregnancy.

Doraemon reminds that female friends can only prepare for full preparation only by knowing when they are pregnant to protect their health of themselves and their baby, so that the baby can grow under health.

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