How long can I get pregnant after abortion?There may be different answers in different situations

After preparing for a long time, I was pregnant, which was the greatest happiness of a woman, and brought more happiness to a family.Once a woman is pregnant, she will become the "first -level protection animal" at home. Except for her diet and psychological, it will take care of pregnant women, but not every pregnant woman is so lucky. Some pregnant women are due to some reasons for some reason.And leading to abortion, this undoubtedly caused a lot of harm to pregnant women.So, how long can I get pregnant after abortion? Let’s take a look together.

In fact, in the face of this question, different patients may get different answers.Some women may be able to get pregnant next month, while others have to be about two months, and even some people have to wait about half a year.So why is this?

In clinical practice, the situation of abortion is also divided into many types, such as biochemical pregnancy, natural abortion, artificial abortion, etc. Doctors generally have to follow other circumstances according to the cause of abortion to determine women’s pregnancy time again.

First of all, let’s talk about biochemical pregnancy.Biochemical pregnancy means that sperm and eggs are indeed combined. It can be measured with test strips. The fertilized eggs did not go to bed in the uterus for some reason. In the end, there is no place to go, so it can only be excreted from the body.

However, the trauma of the endometrium is relatively small, so after a regular menstruation, the second month can be pregnant.If you have experienced multiple biochemical pregnancy, you must pay attention to go to the hospital for medical treatment in time in order to find the cause.

Secondly, the abortion caused by natural abortion, natural state, and non -artificial purpose is also called natural miscarriage. It is mainly manifested in the diagnosis of vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain.In normal circumstances, it is necessary to rest for about three months after the early abortion. If the menstrual period is relatively regular, the physique can be corrected, and the physical indicators are normal, and you can get pregnant again.

Finally, an artificial abortion, an artificial abortion for a remedy for accidental pregnancy failure.Women who are abortion or drug flow, theoretically, as long as the normal menstrual cycle is restored, the menstrual flow is normal, and the endometrium can be pregnant again.However, considering the impact of abortion on the physical and mental, it is recommended to rest for three to six months and then prepare for pregnancy.

The situation of each woman is different, so you must hurry up after abortion, and you can try your pregnancy as appropriate.

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