How fat is fat?It should be lost if you reach this value

"I’m fat again", "I have to lose weight", and now these words love to hang on their mouths, both men and women.Why do you want to lose weight?Is everyone fat?

According to the latest data released by 2022 "Consensus Experts of Chinese Residents":

At present, more than 50%of adults and about 20%of school -age children in China are overweight or obese. In some cities, children and adolescents are overweight and the obesity rate has reached 40%.

More directly, one of the two adults is obese or overweight, and it is no wonder that everyone is shouting to lose weight.

So how fat is fat?

Fatty and thinness are not only related to personal aesthetic pursuit, but also closely related to health. Therefore, medical index, ideal weight, waist circumference, waist/hip ratio and other indicators will be used medical. The commonly used constitutional index calculation formula is as follows:

BMI is generally used to determine too low weight, normal weight, overweight and obesity.

The calculated value has a corresponding classification interval. If this number is ≥ 24, it is already overweight. For your own health, you should lose weight.

(Source: Xiaohe Medical Code, obesity entry)

Obesity is a chronic and complex disease. It can affect our organs and systems through various channels and have many complications.

When many people are diagnosed with certain diseases, they will be told that "this disease is also related to obesity, and weight loss is helpful for treatment." So what diseases are related to obesity?hypertension

More common among obesity adults.Hypercholesterolemia

Overweight human blood lipid examinations often have hypertrophymia.Hypertrophonemia is closely related to the onset of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Type 2 diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is closely related to obesity.Many obese people may have insulin resistance or high insulinmia before diagnosis of type 2 diabetes.arthritis

Obesity may lead to increased joint load, which will affect joint tissue and cause increased risk of arthritis.Respiratory diseases

Smooth and obstructive sleep breathing is more common in obese people.cancer

Obesity may increase the risk of endometrium cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, kidney cancer, esophageal cancer and colon cancer.Pregnancy complication

Obesity may increase the risk of pre -spectacle and gestational diabetes during pregnancy.The risk of obese women suffering from hypertension during pregnancy is ten times that of non -pregnancy.depression

Obesity can affect people’s travel ability, may affect self -esteem, and even be discriminated against, which may lead to depression.other

Obesity is also related to heart failure, back pain, cystitis, gallstone, kidney stones, kidney stones, liver disease, gout, postoperative infection and women’s irregular menstruation and infertility.

Most of the above diseases can be improved by weight loss.Therefore, weight loss is not only to look good, but also for our health ~

"Hold your mouth and open your legs" is the true meaning of losing weight, but many people choose extreme ways: blindly diet and crazy exercise.In addition to making yourself unlimited anxiety, it is easy to gain weight because he can’t persist. The final result is "sad and hurt."

Losing weight depends on science. The Chinese Nutrition Association has already written "how to eat, how to move" every day into the "Guidelines for Dietary of Chinese Residents".

(Source: official website of Chinese residents’ dietary guidelines)

For those who have long -term obesity or severe overweight, they can also seek the help of nutritionists and doctors to carry out self -management, set goals, adjust cognition, etc. to achieve the purpose of weight loss.

For the choice of weight loss pills and weight loss surgery, the professional doctors of the hospital should be given by the hospital’s professional doctors. Do not take weight loss pills or perform weight loss surgery in non -medical institutions on their own.



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