How does women have hepatitis during pregnancy?How to correctly control it?

Now is a fast -paced society. When young people are in love, because they are too busy at work, they do not have time to do physical examinations. Marriage often shows the "lightning" process.””””

When I was pregnant, I had to stop and pay attention to my health.

So that during the medical examination after pregnancy, many people found that there were liver problems.

Some pregnant women have chronic hepatitis B or hepatitis C but do not know, while some pregnant women may accidentally infected with virus such as hepatitis A and pental hepatitis A and pental liver due to poor resistance.

Of course, the most important thing is to pay attention to infectious hepatitis, because this is a legal infectious disease in the traditional sense: A, B, C, Ding, and pentitis.

These hepatitis are different hepatitis viruses, namely HAV, HBV, HCV, HDV, HEV.

Hepatitis virus has more or less influence on the mother and fetus; some viruses may also be spread through maternal and infants, which will have an impact on children’s future health.

The impact of hepatitis on the mother

Early pregnancy and viral hepatitis can increase the reaction of pregnancy, prone to symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, and affecting nutritional intake.

In the middle and late pregnancy, the combined viral hepatitis can increase liver damage and easily develop into severe hepatitis. For example, acute pantyeitis caused by HEV, heavy jaundice, very few can be in dangerous life.

Hepatitis during pregnancy is also prone to concurrent pregnancy hypertension syndrome; due to excessive fatigue during childbirth, the burden on the liver is aggravated, which causes liver function to cause reduced coagulation factor synthesis and easily cause postpartum bleeding.The life of the baby.

Hepatitis affects the fetus

Some hepatitis viruses can infected the fetus through the placenta path: hepatitis in early pregnancy, the incidence of malformations in the fetus is relatively high, which is likely to cause miscarriage. When suffering from hepatitis in the later pregnancy, the mortality rate of premature birth and perinatal children has increased.

Maternal and infants of hepatitis virus

The virus that causes hepatitis, among ordinary adults, has different transmission pathways. Some of them are transmitted through blood, sexually transmitted, and also spread through the gastrointestinal dung-mouth channels, and so on.However, women during pregnancy are different because diseases are related to fetal and newborn.

Hepatitis A virus (HAV)

It is mainly transmitted through the dung-mouth channel, and generally does not pass to the fetus through the placenta or other channels.However, before and after childbirth, the mother suffers from hepatitis A and has HAV virus hemia, which is also threatened to the fetus, and can be swallowed by newborns through virus pollution.

Hepatitis B virus (HBV)

HBV can be transmitted through maternal and infants, HBV can be exposed to the virus environment through the placenta, or infected with wound contacts and swallowing amniotic fluid and mother vaginal secretions in the palace and childbirth.Risks, especially newborns who have not injected hepatitis B immunoglobulin in time.

Hepatitis C virus (HCV)

The spread of HCV is basically consistent with HBV, but HCV infection is more hidden. It is often unaware of pregnant women after infection, which can easily lead to chronic hepatitis and ultimately develop itself into cirrhosis and liver cancer.

HBV’s mother -to -child communication has no way to block it yet.

Ding type hepatitis virus (HDV)

HDV is a defective negative negative chain RNA virus that needs to rely on HBV to be replicated. Maternal and infant transmission is rare. Most of them are infected with hepatitis B at the same time, or overlap infection in HBV carrying.

Pregnant women with overlapping HBV and HDV infection, once they develop, are often heavier, and are more likely to develop into severe hepatitis and cirrhosis.

Hepatitis virus (HEV)

The transmission pathway is similar to hepatitis A. Pregnant women are prone to infection and most of them are severe, and the mortality rate is high.However, there have been no reports of maternal and infant communication.

△ The source of infection and transmission of five types of hepatitis and the transmission pathway are combined with hepatitis, focusing on prevention

During any period of pregnancy, pregnant women have decreased immunity, and if there is no corresponding antibody, it is easily infected by hepatitis virus. Among them, hepatitis B is the most common.

The incidence of hepatitis in pregnant women is 6 times that of non -pregnant women, and once hepatitis occurs, the probability of developing acute severe hepatitis is 66 times that of pregnant women and one of the main causes of pregnant women in my country.

Therefore, for those who are pregnant with viral hepatitis, we must attach great importance to and actively take effective prevention measures:

1. Do a good job of health examination during pregnancy, including checking the hepatitis B surface antigen, hepatitis C antibody, hepatitis A antibody, hepatitis A antibody, etc., to understand whether there are chronic hepatitis, whether there are antibodies, etc.

2. Preparation women without hepatitis B surface antibodies should inject hepatitis B vaccine in time. If there are no hepatitis A antibodies, two types of vaccines or joint vaccines can be injected;

3. Pay attention to regular review of liver function and hepatitis B and hepatitis C during pregnancy;

4. Hepatitis C antibody positive women with preparation for pregnancy, check hepatitis C virus nucleic acid (HCVRNA). If it is also positive, actively antiviral treatment should be actively antiviral.

5. Pay attention to rest during pregnancy, do not stay up late, do not drink alcohol, and do not have a greasy diet, but to ensure nutritional intake of protein;

6. If the man has these liver diseases, it is not inherited, but protective measures should be taken.

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