How does "dry goods" pregnant mothers deal with fatigue during pregnancy?

If the mother during pregnancy is tired, don’t think it is being arrogant. The arrival of a small life is happy, but it will also let the mother feel all kinds of inconvenience, pregnancy, and fatigue.

During pregnancy, fatigue during pregnancy is due to the surge of progesterone during pregnancy, the luteal ketone in the body has increased sharply, and the metabolism is accelerated. In the face of a series of changes, there will be a adaptation period.

On the other hand, as the fetus grows slowly, the pregnant mother’s body will be supplied to the fetus with many nutrients. The pregnant mother has insufficient nutrition. In addition, I walk around with a small leather ball all day long.Great test.

In the early pregnancy, exhaustion, dizziness, and constipation burned heart, and emotional fluctuations were normal! And due to genetic factors, some people were tired and sick from pregnancy to giving birth to babies.

So, how should pregnant women deal with fatigue during pregnancy?

After checking "Parenting Encyclopedia", it is found that if the pregnant woman does the following points, it can slow down fatigue:

First of all, the mentality of pregnant mothers must be adjusted.It is a special period during pregnancy. Do n’t be too stubborn in everything. Obsessive disorder has an impact on the mood, which will also affect the baby ’s baby, so it will be easier to get through.

Secondly, don’t be too tired, try to rest all time.

Third, dine regularly, eat some snacks.Pregnant women’s body is consumed, and hypoglycemia is prone to occur. Eating small snacks snacks can relieve hunger.

Fourth, pay attention to exercise.Pay more attention to walking, such as walking, climbing stairs, and making yoga. It is suitable for pregnant women. It does not need to be too long. It can be controlled within 30 minutes.

Fifth, drink plenty of water.Properly replenishing water can balance the electrolytes in the human body and help alleviate the symptoms of fatigue during pregnancy.

Sixth, you can listen to soothing music. Now you are advocating prenatal education during pregnancy and listening to the music. It not only pleads to the mood of pregnant mothers, but also has good development for the development of the baby.

The tiredness of pregnant in October, it is really difficult to say that it is true that you have not experienced it yourself. It is not convenient to eat well, not to sleep well, and to do anything.It started. Each pregnant mother is very difficult. I hope that the above sharing can help pregnant mothers, and I also hope that each man cherishes his wife who loves you to have children.

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