How do you know that you are pregnant for the first time!!!How long do you know when you are pregnant?

How long does it take to react?For this issue, different women’s reactions are different.But as a expectant mother, you should learn more about various problems during pregnancy to ensure the health of yourself and the fetus.For example, what are the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy?How long does it take to vomit?What should I pay attention to in the early pregnancy?

At about 5 or 6 weeks of pregnancy, most women can clearly feel that they are pregnant.You may go through slight nausea and vomiting, fatigue, dizziness, breast tingling, frequent urination and so on.From now on, your body will remind you every day that magical changes are happening in your belly.If the confused expectant mother suspects that she is pregnant, then she can help judge the results at home or go to the hospital for examination.

1. Emotional possible symptoms

1. Erace

Because at this time, women’s thoughts are all concentrated on the changes in pregnancy, so small things that will not make themselves irritable will now make you lose your temper.You will find that you have excessive response to meaningless trivia.For example, in the past, some personal habits of your husband’s bad life can always laugh, but now you seem to be unbearable.

2. I am tired of my husband

Pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy will feel very novel and excited, but after these feelings gradually fade back, expectant mothers will feel that their temperament has changed.The expectant mother felt that the husband who was originally thoughtful became bored, she couldn’t raise sexual desire, and she was also very worried about her sexual weakness and could not enjoy sex.

3. Strong dependence

Before pregnancy, whether you are in a unit or at home, you may be accustomed to independent lifestyle, even get used to doing things for others, and then get gratitude and others’ attention.But after pregnancy, you become a person who is taken care of and cared for. Such a very different role in the past will also make your self -esteem inevitable.

2. Physical possible feeling

1. Nausea

In the first month of pregnancy, the symptoms of morning vomiting and nausea began to occur, and this situation will be intensified in the first three months of pregnancy.

2. fatigue

Pregnant women in the first month of pregnancy will occasionally feel tired, and the spirit will be completely tired in the second month, and the body tells you that you need more time to rest.

3. Breast pain

Breast pain is usually earlier than changes in the abdomen.Generally speaking, the breasts will have some tingling sensation from pregnancy.This is stronger than the tenderness of women’s menstruation.During pregnancy, the breasts will develop again and increase significantly.

4. Mild vaginal bleeding

In the uterus of the fertilized eggs 6-12 days after conception, it may cause mild vaginal hemorrhage symptoms in pregnant women.When this happens, if the vaginal bleeding is mild and the pregnant woman does not have severe discomfort symptoms, don’t worry.A small amount of blood wire or blood dots will appear when the fertilized eggs are in bed. About three times a day, usually about three days.

After the birth of the newborn, it relies on breastfeeding to survive. Therefore, during the entire pregnancy, the mother’s breasts will develop secondaryly with the growth of the fetus, so as to meet the needs of breastfeeding after childbirth.Generally speaking, the chest will have more severe pain in the chest 4-6 after pregnancy.

Almost all women’s most obvious changes after pregnancy are the bigger chest.Under the influence of progesterone, the breasts of pregnant women will slowly swell, so as to ensure that the baby’s milk is sufficient in the future.At 3-4 months of pregnancy, the breasts will have a rapid growth rate in early pregnancy. By the time of the second trimester, the growth rate of growth slows down, and the breasts of pregnant women in the third trimester will continue to increase again.

Facing the phenomenon of breast pain after pregnancy, expectant mothers can adopt hot compresses, massage and other methods.It should be noted that the breasts are very fragile during this period. During the care process, pregnant women should move gently to avoid damage to the nipple.

Due to the different constitutions of each person, each woman’s pregnancy response is different. Some pregnant women have never experienced severe vomiting, while some pregnant women have a long period of vomiting.About 50 % of women will have symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, loss of appetite, and partial eclipse before 6 weeks of menopause. These symptoms generally continue until 12 weeks of pregnancy, which is the entire early pregnancy.It is worth noting that women can eat more fruits and salty biscuits to reduce the discomfort caused by vomiting.

Generally speaking, women will have a pregnancy reaction at the 5th and 6th weeks after conception, such as breast swelling and pain, nausea and vomiting, fatigue, and emotional fluctuations.If you have not taken any contraceptive measures in the same room recently, you can consider the possibility of pregnancy.At this time, women can use some methods to test pregnancy:

1. Early pregnancy test strip or pregnancy test stick: Generally, you can test whether you are pregnant for 10 days, but sometimes some women can be measured later because of other factors.However, if the female signs have a suspected pregnancy reaction, but the test strip shows negative, it is best to go to the hospital for examination to confirm the fact that the pregnancy facts are confirmed.

2. Blood test HCG: Blood testing is the earliest to know the results of pregnancy.Generally, you can do a blood test HCG about 10 days after the same room to determine whether you are pregnant.

3.b -type ultrasonic examination: The earliest can be carried out in the 5th week of pregnancy. It is a common pregnancy test method for hospitals with high accuracy.

The important period of embryonic development is the first three months of pregnancy. At this time, the embryo is unstable, and even a small accident may cause serious consequences.In order to avoid accidents, expectant mothers need to pay attention to the following matters in the early stages of pregnancy:

1. Pervic bleeding needs to be medical immediately

If vaginal bleeding occurs, even if only a small amount of bleeding, pregnant women should seek medical treatment in time to determine that there is no problem with pregnant women and fetuses and exclude the possibility of complications.

2. It is best to avoid or reduce sexual life at 3 months of pregnancy

The connection between the uterine wall and the placenta of the mother of the maternal body is not too close. If the sexual life is rash, it may cause uterine contraction and abortion.The early pregnancy is the peak period of abortion. If the expectant mother has a history of abortion or physical condition, it is recommended not to be affectionate with her husband.

3. Early pregnancy must be ensured sufficient sleep

Early pregnancy of chorrosum hormones increases largely, and the body will easily get tired.In addition, the basic metabolism of pregnant women has accelerated, the endocrine system changes, the heat consumption in the body is accelerated, and the blood sugar is seriously insufficient. These are the causes of drowsiness.So once the expectant mother feels sleepy, she must go to bed for a while to ensure that the fetus can develop better.

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