How do I know that I am pregnant?Almost all of these three steps

Do you remember how you knew you were pregnant?One day, my sister suddenly called me, saying that there was a red apple on the bald tree, which indicated that I had to add Ding in the monk. Think about the family that I had not had a baby yet, so I reminded me to pay attention.

How can I believe in the dream of a 21st century atheism like me?

To judge whether pregnancy is, of course, it will not rely on children to "dreamed".At present, the three commonly used judgment method, urine test, blood test, B -ultrasound, what are the advantages of each?

1. Urine test:

This is the easiest way to operate the pregnancy test. You can buy a pregnancy test stick and early pregnancy test strip, regardless of the Internet or pharmacy.You only need to take the urine of the tester (the morning urine is more obvious), and the HCG content is calculated. You can know whether there is pregnancy through simple and correct operation.

The urine test is a step of the first screen. It is not invasive and easy to operate. It can be promoted to the public. The disadvantage is that the discovery time is late, and the operation is improperly misdiagnosed.

2. Blood test

It can be described as a cow sword killing chickens by measuring the HCG value in the blood.Because blood tests can directly display the HCG value in the body with a digital display, and after comparison, the baby’s development can be calculated.And it is found to be relatively early, and it can be found in 6-10 days of conception.

If you suspect that you are pregnant, especially if you are unwilling to leave your baby’s accident, you can determine and terminate your pregnancy as soon as possible.Because professional medical institutions need to be punctured, it is not easy to use as a first screen.

3.B Super

The B -ultrasound is more intuitive to see the state of the fertilized eggs. Whether it has successfully arrived at the uterine and the camp. If it is a half -road field created into an ectopic pregnancy, you can also discover and stop the tragedy in time.

However, the B -ultrasound needs to play a role in more than 2 weeks of menstruation. The cost is high, the examination method is complicated, and it cannot be used as a means of "discovering" pregnancy. Instead, it is a means to protect the health of pregnant mothers and fetal treasures.

The above three ways to judge pregnancy are sorted:

According to the discovery time, the blood test is the fastest, and the B -ultrasound is the slowest. According to operating, urine testing is the simplest, and the B -ultrasound is the most complicated.According to the necessity, B -ultrasound must pass, and blood drawing is the least needed.

Although the three steps seem to be complementary, for healthy pregnant mothers, there is almost no need to test blood. There are fetal stops or elderly mothers. IVF will need to determine the baby’s state by detecting the blood HCG concentration of blood, and the fetus needs to be kept if necessary.

However, the B -ultrasound in the early pregnancy cannot be saved. Whether the vaginal color Doppler ultrasound is harmful is still a controversial topic. In terms of weighing the advantages and disadvantages, pregnant mothers such as abdominal wall thickness and difficulty in urination.Vaginal ultrasound is also necessary.

The color ultrasound will not reach the uterus, and the fetus will not be encountered. It emits ultrasonic waves at the cervical mouth to observe the internal situation of the uterus.

Although there are many symptoms after pregnancy, such as drowsiness and gastrointestinal discomfort, they are not used as a way to judge pregnancy.And these symptoms should not be ignored. During pregnancy, this kind of situation occurs. The first thing to think of is urine testing, not for stomach problems or colds to take medicine for treatment!

Determining pregnancy is the beginning of the fate of fetal treasure and mother. Moms please cherish

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