How do I know myself ovulation?Preparation women must learn

I believe that the couple who prepare for pregnancy know that in the same room during ovulation, the chance of pregnancy can be increased, but after a month and one month, the stomach still does not see movement.After missing the ovulation period, we must find the same room for ovulation during the ovulation period, so that the conception rate will be increased.So, how do you know that you have ovulated? Today I will teach you how to judge.

1. Protoa is significantly increased

When the ovulation period is approaching, women will secrete a large amount of secretions. The normal color will become white and sticky, transparent, and rustic.Therefore, women who want to get pregnant, if you find such leucorrhea during ovulation, you need to hurry up with the same room, so that the chance of pregnancy will be higher.

2. There are slight blood wires in the leucorrhea

In addition to the obvious increase of leucorrhea, there are also women who will find a little blood wire in leucorrhea.This is also the manifestation of the ovulation period. The estrogen in the body is not enough to support the maturity of the eggs, and the follicles will fall off and evolve into a little bloodshot.However, don’t worry too much, this is just because of the response caused by ovulation, and it will not have an adverse effect on the body.

3. Mild abdomen pain

To the ovulation period, some women will feel swelling around the stomach, faint abdominal pain. Although it is not obvious, they can still feel the difference between peaceful times.EssenceThe shedding of the follicular membrane during ovulation has given the uterus a certain impact, and women can easily feel the abdominal distension and falling.After the ovulation period, abdominal pain disappeared.As long as it is not too severe abdominal pain, you don’t have to worry about it, you will recover for a few days.

4. No cracking, weak body

Each ovulation is an qi and blood operation in the body, and it will also consume women’s qi and blood, resulting in insufficient qi and blood. Women with insufficient qi and blood will be weak.Ocean.Don’t worry, this is not a problem with the body, but it is self -trimming, and the body will automatically recover vitality during ovulation, and it is full of vitality.

1. Measure the basal body temperature.

Immediately measure the body temperature after waking up every morning, do not perform any activities, or even think about it, measure the measurement results into forms for 3 months, and draw the measurement results into forms. If the body temperature at 2 weeks before menstruation is 0.3 higher than other times, 0.3 is 0.3.The above degree indicates that there is ovulation.

2. Use ovulation test strips.

The ovulation test strip is determined by measuring the peak level of the luteum to determine whether there is ovulation.If the ovulation test strip is found to be weakened from strong yang, ovulation will occur within 24 hours.

3. B -ultrasound ovulation monitoring.

B -ultrasound can not only measure whether there are superior follicles in the ovary, but also detect the size of the superior follicles, the thickness of the endometrium, etc. After several ovulation testing, it can help predict ovulation and guide sexual life according to the results.Increase the rate of conception.

For families who are anxious to babies, understanding the ovulation period of expectant mothers is very critical, and often the characteristics during ovulation are not obvious, but the above three methods can help expectant mothers to determine whether they are ovulation.

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