How did you find that you are pregnant?The experience of these Baoma is not so enthusiastic about the TV series

Pregnancy is a magical and grinding thing. Some husbands and wives are prepared. It may not be pregnant for two years, but some people are surprised by surprise, and some mothers are going to give up to prepare for pregnancy., But got unexpected surprises.

Now think about it, pregnancy is really amazing. A small seed was bred in her mother’s body and sneaked the bud. When the mother didn’t know, he had grown his hands and feet.

Pregnancy was discovered by a dog first

There is a Samoye at home. Every day, my husband and I have to be poured by it to the door for a while to enter the door.It was the master who could not stay with the bathroom to accompany him for two minutes before.

The most fun thing is that my old public public jokes to take me. Our dogs roar for several minutes. The old public joke said that you will not be pregnant. You see it to protect you so much, so I think of buying one.The pregnancy test stick was measured, and the pregnancy was really measured.

"Buy one get one free" type

Original milk: Just like the bad paragraphs in idol dramas

My friend suspected that she was pregnant by her own, and bought one get one for the pregnancy test stick.


Xiaoyu Grandma: When my daughter -in -law was pregnant, I dreamed of a child at night and talked to me and laughed. The next day I told my daughter -in -law that you have it. The daughter -in -law does not believe it.Then there is really.Explain that I am Bao Dad.

It seems that some pregnant mothers are really big, and they find that pregnancy experience is indeed a little fantasy.But in any case, pregnancy is the beginning of a new life. Women who hope to prepare for pregnancy will find the pregnancy signal that appears in the body in time.

1. Sleep

When a "foreign species" suddenly came in the body, it is natural to eat some of them. At this time, pregnant mothers will have symptoms of poor drowsiness, and sometimes they can sleep all day.

2. Aoretseng or eager to eat some kind of food

Many women have changes in taste in the early stages of pregnancy. Usually they usually do n’t eat what they love, or they are specially prepared to eat some foods. They are uncomfortable without eating.

What other reactions do you have when you are pregnant? You can leave a message to Hao Mommy ~ But also remind you that Bao Ma must be careful about the sudden improvement of the body, and you must remember to eat folic acid during pregnancy, which helps to help to help.Fetal development, good mummy for pregnancy.

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