How did you find that you are pregnant?Netizens’ answers are wonderful, and the TV series is not so acting like this

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The manifestation of pregnancy will be particularly obvious in some women, but because each person’s physical condition is different, the time and probability of the corresponding symptoms after pregnancy are different.This has led to some mothers who are pregnant and do not know. They "let go of themselves" and do not pay attention to these problems such as avoiding or exercise.

In response to this situation, I deliberately searched the Internet, "How do mothers usually find themselves pregnant?" This question, netizens’ answers can be described as wonderful, and TV shows dare not act like this.A netizen answered this: This netizen had no response in the two weeks before pregnancy. During this period, there were various bureaus to participate, so he participated in a party almost every day with friends, and naturally he could drink.Once I was chatting with my girlfriend, I accidentally mentioned that her menstrual period was postponed, and her girlfriend suddenly reacted, and immediately reminded her friend to buy a pregnancy test stick.I found that I had it. I was startled at that time. I was wearing shorts of shorts.

Another netizen said: At one time, I found that I always had a runny nose, and often felt a headache and stomach pain. I thought it was a seasonal discomfort, so I went to the pharmacy to buy medicine.Later, it was found that the situation did not ease at all, and the stomach became more and more painful, but there was no sign of menstruation. When I checked it, I found that I was pregnant.

Seeing the above two expectant mothers’ answers, they have to pinch a cold sweat. Those who are new to pregnancy are usually more restrained. They need regularly in diet and work and rest.I thought it was sick and took the medicine by myself, so if it was serious, it would cause miscarriage.

Generally speaking, if you are pregnant, it is discovered because of the abnormal menstruation of women. Testing is usually accurate in testing 7 to 10 days in menstruation.

Then after discovering that you are pregnant, you must restrain it. You can’t take it lightly because you are in the early stages of pregnancy. The mother’s diet and life are closely related to the children in the stomach.

First, pay attention to diet.After pregnancy, mothers cannot drink and be greedy, especially in terms of medication, and even health products cannot be eaten randomly.Drugs have side effects. If they are not used according to the doctor’s advice, they will cause children to malformations and other problems, and they will also affect production.

After discovering pregnancy, the first thing is to pay attention to daily diet. In order to babies, they should also change their bad habits in their usual diet. Eat less spicy, greasy and salty things, and eat more light meals.

Secondly, we must adjust the schedule and living habits.Many young mothers are actually not very regular, which will directly affect the growth environment of the baby in the belly.Generally, during sleep, children can also get a comfortable rest environment, so pregnant women should adjust their living habits, go to bed early and get up early to protect their spiritual spirit.

In addition, you should avoid emotional excitement. You must adjust your mentality and relax the quantitative reading and listening music every day, which is also conducive to later production.

Furthermore, pay attention to proper exercise.Sometimes due to the pressure of the family, pregnant women must not be able to move on the bed during the whole pregnancy. In fact, this is not the case. Proper exercise can not only help pregnant women improve their physical fitness, but also have good benefits to the baby in the stomach.

Therefore, expectant mothers can ensure a certain amount of exercise every day, take a walk or do yoga, not only to exercise the body, but also soothe the mood. At that time, we must pay attention not to exercise too much.

Due to the different constitutions of each person, the symptoms of early pregnancy can be large or small, and many people will treat this as an ordinary gastrointestinal disease or a cold. This is the lack of some common knowledge.

If the mothers find that they are pregnant, they must first go to the hospital to confirm. If you are sure to be pregnant, you must immediately adjust your condition and actively prepare for pregnancy. Do not cause the child’s body to defect because of your own negligence.

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