How big is the fetus 55 days of pregnancy?How does "embryo" differentiate into "fetus"?

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Zhu Zhu came to the aunt around the 20th every month. As a result, this time it has not come for half a month. Because she has been busy recently, she also ignores this matter. When I think of it, it seems that I haven’t come to the aunt.It has been over half a month before, and she feels that she hurriedly bought the pregnancy test stick to test it. As a result, she was really pregnant. The next day, she accompanied her husband to the hospital with blood. The doctor asked her for the last menstrual period and told her that she told herIt has been 55 days pregnant and let her rest more.

55 days of pregnancy is about 8 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, it belongs to the early pregnancy. This baby’s baby is only about 20cm. It looks like a "small grape"."Fetails" should continue to divide rapidly.

Generally, it takes 8 weeks from "fertilized eggs" to "fetal" to "fetal". It was not until the 9th week of pregnancy (63 days later) and officially became a small fetus with all five internal organs.

▎ ▎ ▎ ▎ ▎ 5:

The small embryo is only as large as apple seeds, about 4mm, and less than 1 gram.

After the fertilized eggs are successful, the relevant hormones will begin, and then the embryo cells will begin to differentiate to form triple embryos. Each layer of cells will form different organs of the body. In this periodDifferentiated.

▎ Week 6 of pregnancy:

The length of the embryo is only 6mm, and the appearance looks like a "small shrimp", which is known as "fetal bud".

Small embryo continues to be rapidly differentiated. By 6 weeks, various organs have appeared, but the structure and functions are not perfect. The initial kidneys and hearts of the embryo have formed. The nerve tube has begun to connect the brain and spinal cord, and the limbs have begun to appear., But still irregular convex.

▎ Week 7 of pregnancy:

The size of the embryo this weekend is like a grain of broad beans, with a particularly large head.

The cells of the embryo continue to differentiate. By this weekend, the embryo is like a grain of broad beans. The head is particularly large. There will be two black dots in the eyes of the eyes. The nostrils begin to form.

The original nerve holes of the embryo will be combined, and the prototype of the brain-brain bubble formation. At this time, the development of the baby’s brain has begun, the cells are constantly split, part of the brain forms the brain, and the other part forms a nerve tissue.

The original intestine is formed, and various organs develop from the original intestine.

▎ Week 8 of pregnancy:

You can see the "baby baby" by taking the B -ultrasound, and with the fetal heart, it can reach 150 times per minute.

The heart and brain of this gestational weekly baby have developed very complicated. Each organ has begun to have obvious characteristics, and different organs are beginning to develop busy.

The eyelid began to wrinkle, the prototype of the nose began to appear, and there were a small amount of bending above the heart.The skin is as thin as paper, and the blood vessels are clearly visible. The cute baby will begin to perform a swimming -like movement in amniotic fluid, but because of the weak strength, the expectant mothers can not feel the fetal activity, but under the B -ultrasound appearanceYou can see the fetus and the beating fetal heart.

After the 8th week of pregnancy, that is, 56 days, when we enter the 9th week of pregnancy, our baby is a small fetus. This is a critical point for the baby to develop.In fact, the baby can start activity from the 9th week, and it will continue to change the posture. However, because the amplitude of the fetal baby is very small, the expectant mothers can’t feel the "fetal movement" of the baby.

1. Mood aspect

In the early pregnancy, because of the "torture" of various early pregnancy reactions, expectant mothers always feel physically and mentally exhausted, and due to the impact of hormones, the gap in the expectant mother’s heart is relatively large, and sometimes it looks irritable and sad.

Starting from the 9th week of pregnancy, the inner nerve of the fetal baby began to occur. The emotional gap of expectant mothers, and the changes in mood will change the "state of blood and hormones" in the body.EssenceTherefore, expectant mothers often have "negative emotions" to affect the development of the fetus.

♥ ♥ ♥ Mother’s suggestion:

During pregnancy, expectant mothers must avoid bad moods, try to relax as much as possible, keep themselves in a state of being physically and mentally happy, and give more positive encouragement to the baby, so that the development of the fetus will be better.

2. Development

At 8 weeks of pregnancy, some expectant mothers saw the fetal buds on the B -ultrasound, but they could not see the fetal heart. Don’t worry about the expectant mothers first, and don’t give up your baby easily.Because the fertilized eggs may be late, "the actual fetus is small", especially women with irregular menstruation, the probability will be greater.

回 回 ♥ Mother’s suggestion: Think back to whether I have menstruation regularly.Expectant mothers can think about her menstrual problems and think about whether there is a problem of irregular menstruation; you can wait, you may wait until a week before you can check it.Poor quality.Of course, this situation cannot be ruled out. After all, there is also a 50%chance. At this time, it can be combined with the double situation of progesterone and HCG. You can also wait until 10 weeks of pregnancy. If you have no fetal heart, you must listen to the doctor’s suggestion.Take appropriate measures.

3. Diet aspect

In the early pregnancy, because of the interference of early pregnancy and sleepy pregnancy, the appetite of expectant mothers may be affected. The expectant mother will worry that the nutrition will not provide the baby enough, which will affect the development of the baby and become anxious.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥: There are not many nutrition in the early pregnancy.In the early stages of pregnancy, from embryo to fetal, the baby baby is particularly small, and there are not many nutrition required for differentiation and development. The nutrition stored in the body before pregnancy is enough to provide the baby.Eat more by yourself, so it is easy to make yourself gain weight; you must start strengthening nutrition after the middle of pregnancy.After early pregnancy, after the pregnancy reaction gradually disappeared, the fetus began to develop rapidly, and the nutritional needs required increased. Then the expectant mothers would balance various nutrients from different foods to provide baby development.

Early pregnancy is the most dangerous period. While the expectant mothers are trying to relax as much as possible, they should also pay more attention to rest to avoid tiredness, avoid strenuous exercise, and avoid the same room. If you do n’t understand, you can ask more experienced people orIt’s a doctor, don’t always scare yourself, fetal baby is far stronger than we think.Wish good pregnancy!

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