Hot Q & A 丨 "Do male employees have fertility allowances"

On July 19, the author learned from "Qingyuan Medical Insurance" that the citizen’s consultation hot Q & A in the new issue has been released, involving "relationship transfer", "maternity allowance", "medical assistance", etc., come and see if you want to know if you want to knowThe problem.

Citizen asked: I participated in the social security of flexible employment personnel in Fengcheng Street, Qingcheng District. On July 5, 2023, at the designated outpatient clinic at the ancient city community health service station in Qingcheng District, the system showed that the type of fund payment type returned when the reimbursement settlement was reimbursed after medical treatmentTreatment will cause reimbursement. I hope that the relevant departments can check and deal with the problem that the designated outpatient clinic cannot be reimbursed.

Medical Insurance Answer: Citizens went to Fengcheng Community Health Service Center in Qingcheng District on July 5, 2023. After inquiry, the citizen paid the medical insurance cost of employee in June 2023 after the treatment (after July 5).It is impossible to reimburse and settle the cost of general outpatient clinics.The citizens have paid medical insurance costs within the prescribed time. They can bring invoice and social security card to the Fengcheng Community Health Service Center in Qingcheng District to reintermine the cost of the general outpatient consultation.

If the continuous interruption of the flexible employment personnel is less than 3 months (including), the medical insurance premium can be reimbursed directly after the medical insurance premiums.The fixed outpatient clinic of people during the interruption re -settlement and reimbursement fee.

Citizen asked: I participated in the employee medical insurance in Shijiao Town, Qingcheng District for 9 months. Before participating in the insurance, the social security card had been activated. Now the balance of the electronic social security card query is zero, and the payment of payment in the pharmacy consumption has failed.Trouble the problem that the office does not receive the amount of return on the medical account.

Medical insurance Answer: After verification, citizens participated in the medical insurance time of employees in Qingyuan from November 2022 to June 2023 (8 months of accumulated payment).The personal information expires (the citizen’s social security card is issued to the Bank of China), so the balance of the citizen’s electronic social security card is zero.Citizens are requested to bring their identity cards and social security cards to Bank of China Ren Yiqingyuan outlets to process personal information as soon as possible.

Citizens’ account funds for the medical insurance for employees in Qingyuan City will be re -assigned in mid -to -late August 2023. If citizens fail to go to their social security card banking banks to handle personal information in time, they will still lead to the failure of medical insurance accounts.

Citizen asked: My husband’s household registration is in Jiulong Town, Yingde City. He participated in employee medical insurance in Qingcheng District. Due to the high cost of disease treatment, he now wants to apply for medical assistance in the difficult people in Qingyuan City.At that time, the staff said that because of the insurance in Qingcheng District, he needed to apply for medical assistance in Qingcheng District, but I do n’t know where to apply in Qingcheng District, and trouble to help my husband apply for medical assistance for difficult people.

Medical Insurance Answer: Qingyuan City has established basic medical insurance overall planning, major diseases (supplementary) medical insurance coordination, overall medical insurance for outpatient diseases, general outpatient clinics, and medical assistance (including secondary assistance).Citizen medical expenses have exceeded the scope of family tolerance and should apply for medical assistance at the people’s government where the hukou is located.The citizen’s household registration is located in Jiulong Town, Yingde City. Please consult the relevant business with the Jiulong Town Human Resources and Society (0763-2752012).

Citizen asked: Regarding the issue of maternity insurance for male employees, maternity insurance has always been purchased. My daughter was born in March 2023. I have been unemployed to my wife until now. As the only job at home, I have called 12333 consultationAfter all the topics, the answer is that the maternity allowance of male employees is just 15 days of salary accompanimental leave given by the company. Although I have checked a lot of information online, they can get national allowances, but Qingyuan here is only 15 days to accompany these 15 days.Maternual leave, today I saw the issue of reimbursement of maternity insurance on male employees in the "People’s Daily" again. The conditions are exactly the same as me, but these allowances have never been taken. For this reason, I want to ask.It’s false.I hope to verify and inform whether male employees can apply for maternity allowances in Qingyuan City.

Medical insurance answer: After verification, citizens participated in the medical insurance of employees in Qingyuan City. His wife participated in the medical insurance of urban and rural residents and had no employment.According to relevant policy citizens and their wives, they cannot enjoy maternity allowances, but they can be reimbursed for maternity medical expenses according to the basic medical insurance treatment standards for urban and rural residents in our city.

According to relevant policies, the employee’s unlimited spouses enjoy the fertility medical expenses in accordance with the regulations, and do not enjoy the maternity allowance; the maternity medical expenses enjoyed by the employee’s unlimited spouse, refer to the implementation of the basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents at the prefecture level at the prefecture level where the employee is located.

Southern+Reporter Huang Jianqin He Huan

Correspondent Qingyuan Medical Insurance

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[Author] Huang Jianqin; He Huan

[Source] Southern Newspaper Media Group South+Client

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