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Many girls have liked to play her mother with dolls since they were young, eager for the role of "mother".

When they grow up, how many women are as seeking their children thirsty, and some families even fall apart because they have no children.

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Children are bonds that maintain family emotions, and they are a angels who have given a family and bring happiness and hope to the family.

However, not every woman is ready to be a mother.After learning that they are pregnant, some people are excited, but some people are worried.

Some pregnant mothers who are pregnant are at a loss in the face of such a big turning point and cannot even accept the fact that pregnancy.Take a look at the consultation letter from this pregnant mother:

Now, I am particularly blank because I am pregnant without psychological preparation.

I was not prepared when I first discovered that when I was pregnant. I was only 25 years old. I always felt that I was still young. I was still a child. How could I have a child?

But the family says that since there is it, the child has a fate.Later, considering some of the conditions of your personal body, he helplessly accepted this fact.

Now I have been pregnant for 2 months, but my mood is still unable to calm down, emotional ups and downs, and I can’t control it.

I felt that the child’s arrival disrupted the rhythm of my life and felt very aggrieved, and tears flowed down from time to time.

None of my friends as big as me have a baby. I don’t want to tell others about the fact that I am pregnant and feel unable to say.

I couldn’t get up with the joy of seeing other pregnant mothers.

The troubles that this newly pregnant woman tells me, she feels like she is still a child without psychological preparation, so she does not have the confidence of the child, and the friends around her have no baby, which makes her feel lonely and lonelyFear, the children who saw unexpectedly disrupted their lives, felt wronged, and could not control their emotions.

We can understand the mood of this pregnant mother.

The accident of the child made her feel that she had lost control of her life. For various reasons, she could not be accepted, but it really needed a process to adapt to this change.

We often encounter emergencies in life, and accidental pregnancy is just one of them.

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When encountering some changes, we often feel panicked because of losing their initiative.However, life is not controlled by everything.

Many things that happen in life are often caused by ourselves. Since pregnancy is the result of ourselves, then, as adults, we need to be responsible for our behavior.

Nothing friends with her age did not experience the life stage of pregnancy, making this pregnant mother not have a template that can learn and reference, so she was terrified.

In fact, each of us is unique and has our own life. We must dare to accept our differences.

I am afraid that the confidence of raising children is probably the core reason for many pregnant moms in pregnancy.

In fact, whether you can raise your child and age have nothing to do with the age, no one is born to be a parent. If you want to be a parent’s role, you need to study well.

If no one in the friends around you can provide himself with a template for himself, you can expand the scope of the learning object.

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Parents who have the sons, ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign, abound, we can get the experience of educating children from them through books or videos, and can also meet new friends to learn how to childcare.

I think, in fact, this seemingly unconfident mother has begun to take a positive learning.

Otherwise, she won’t come to consult me.This is a good start.In fact, this pregnant mother is not unable to accept the fact that she is pregnant, but is unwilling to be responsible for her behavior, and cannot accept her life different from the life of her friends.

However, whether it is actively accepted or passively accepted, whether choosing to want this child or giving up, I must finally be responsible for their actions.

Whether you want to admit it or not, everyone’s life is unique, and each of us needs to face their own lives bravely, even if no one is traveling.

As a pregnant mother, you feel that your baby has disrupted your rhythm of life and feels wronged.

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I want to fight for the children in your belly. Originally, you brought your child to the world, and you are too unfair to the child’s uneasiness on your life? Dear friends, what do you say?

Scientific research shows that the emotions of pregnant mothers have a great impact on the fetus. For the health and happiness of themselves and their children, actively follow the changes in life, and bravely accept it!

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What would you do if you or your wife was pregnant unexpectedly?

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