His wife lived together with others for two months, and the husband could not bear it.

The woman slammed the man sitting on the motorcycle, and poured him out of the car, and the motorcycle fell to the ground immediately.After that, the two twisted together and teared them together. Everyone was discouraging. The two were exhausted. The woman and the man were separated by passers -by. What is the relationship between the two?Why do you hate each other so?

It turned out that the woman was Sister Yu, and the man she twisted with her was her ex -husband.

Sister Yu cried and said that she had committed suicide twice, drank pesticides at a time, and took sleeping pills at a time.

"I have had an affair, I am shameless, you are shameful, you are black -hearted and dark lungs, what do you do if you hit me like this! I hit me when I was two months pregnant, I played with youCan’t hit me like this. "

Sister Yu pumped her face vigorously, slammed, and yelled at her ex -husband.

Then he knelt in front of his ex -husband, hysterically, begging him not to hit himself, it is already his wife for fourteen years.

The ex -husband wishes his brother acknowledged that he had played his ex -wife, and the reason why the big brother was very angry when he talked about the fight.

"One person is naked, and the two caught in bed." Just said two words, the elder brother’s words were interrupted by his ex -wife.

"Why are you so stupid? Why do you have no face to call back? You still have a face to say!" Obviously his ex -wife was very straightforward about the incident.

So since the two have divorced, they are not contacted. Why is Sister Yu looking for her ex -husband?

Sister Yu said that her ex -husband called for a call to move the household registration of her little daughter.

The ex -husband said that the little daughter was often outside and ran away from home many times, and wanted to pick up her daughter.

It also confirmed that her sister did run away many times from the mouth of her eldest daughter.

The younger daughter said that since her parents divorced, they moved the household registration with her mother to the stepfather.Speaking, he cried sadly.

At this time, a secret was told. When the younger daughter was eight years old, she saw her mother with her current husband.

Sister Yu didn’t think she had a problem, her daughter was already sensible, and her approach was in the eyes.

And the current husband was brought in by the ex -husband. If the ex -husband refuses, how can he bring a man in? Is he a wood?

Hearing this, the ex -husband laughed and clapped his hands.Speaking of: "Joke, a big joke!"

At this time, Sister Yu suddenly knelt on the ground in order to alleviate her embarrassment, closed her hands, and kept worshiping.

"I knelt here, I came to find him in trouble, and I let the car be killed tomorrow." At the same time, the ex -husband on the side also swear that you are looking for me or I am looking for you.

The ex -husband begged Sister Yu: "You stop."

At this time, another Chen Sesame Rotten Valley was exploded.

I wish the elder brother who pushed Sister Yu, but did not fight, and the reason for pushing was that her father was on the bed. Sister Yu was throwing the pot on the spot and the bowl was thrown on the bed.

At this time, Sister Yu began to vow again. If he was innocent, he pushed herself at that time, and someone saw it.

I wish the elder brother nothing to say, and Sister Yu said that she would not let him go.


People who have never seen such rational and vigorous need to reflect on themselves. If they vowed useful, wouldn’t it be used by everyone.

The calmness and calmness make things clear, excitement is unknown, and it is unclear.

In the end, the child’s heart is still the child’s heart.

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