High blood lipids, can not eat tofu, soy milk?Blood lipids exceeded standards, 3 kinds of vegetarian foods do eat less

"Sister, buy some tofu, these are fresh brine tofu just ordered in the morning."

Aunt Liu was walking around the vegetable market and passing by a stall selling tofu, and the hawker immediately promoted to Aunt Liu.After hearing the greetings of the hawkers, Aunt Liu also wanted to buy some tofu to go home to burn food for his wife.However, I suddenly remembered an article I read on my mobile phone in the morning, which said that although the tofu is nutritious, it is not good for patients with hyperlipidemia.

And Aunt Liu’s wife is also a patient with hyperlipidemia. After all, there are still more things that can’t be eaten by hyperlipidemia. Aunt Liu did not dare to blindly support it, so she hurriedly rejected the propaganda of hawkers.

For the food of tofu, everyone must be familiar with it. It is suitable for all ages. It is cheap and cheap. With any ingredients, you can make a variety of dishes.Not only that, eating tofu properly can also supplement high -quality protein, calcium, vitamin B, etc., which can be said to be nutritious foods.Clean up blood vessel fat particles, reduce carbohydrate and fat intake, help control blood lipids, and stabilize the condition.

Theoretically, eating tofu should be beneficial to patients with hyperlipidemia.However, patients with hyperlipidemia often do not only have a single symptom, and complications are one of the biggest threats of metabolic diseases such as hyperlipidemia.For example, some hyperlipidemia gastrointestinal complications can cause gastrointestinal digestive function to decline. Constencing too much tofu may cause protein to precipitate in the stomach, cause gastrointestinal symptoms such as indigestion, abdominal pain and abdominal symptoms.

Therefore, although most people with hyperlipidemia can eat tofu, if there are hyperlipidemia and gastrointestinal symptoms, it is better to eat as little as possible. Usually, the amount of tofu daily can be about 100g.It can be seen that no food can be determined by the specific situation of the patient.

The nutritional value of tofu and soy milk is similar, so many patients with hyperlipidemia with complications of gastrointestinal complications want to avoid gastrointestinal symptoms by drinking soy milk.

This method is possible, but when drinking soy milk, patients with hyperlipidemia also have some precautions:

For example, try to choose the original soy milk: such as sweet soy milk or soy milk drinks. Among them, the sugar content is relatively high, and the hyperlipidemia intake is too much calorie. This is naturally not good for controlling the condition.

In addition, do not drink too much soy milk. Excessive soymilk intake will generate gas in gastrointestinal fermentation, which may increase gastrointestinal discomfort such as ghost, abdominal pain, and even vomiting.Like eating tofu, drinking soy milk is also about 1 to 2 cups a day, about 450ml to 700ml, and don’t be greedy.

To sum up, whether it is soy milk or tofu, as long as you eat it reasonably to avoid high -risk complications, you can still eat it. Please eat it with hyperlipidemia, but then, some vegetarian food does not have everyone imagined.It’s so "good", it is better to eat less.

Tudou -high starch content, which will be converted into fat

For patients with hyperlipidemia, it is more important to limit fat intake and restricting carbo water intake.The use of carbohydrates in the body is more efficient, and the degree of fat into fat will be higher.

Therefore, some seemingly delicious and healthy vegetarian food, if the starch content is too high, it is better to eat less.Just like potatoes. As one of the most starch content, it is naturally not suitable for patients with hyperlipidemia.

Not only that, the common way of cooking potatoes is also frying, mainly fried, and oil intake will increase.Eat less potatoes, and try to steam as much as possible, cooking and other cooking methods, which is the correct choice for patients with hyperlipidemia.

Fennel -high level of sodium ion, which is not good for blood vessel health

Anise is the favorite of many people. It is used to cool and make dumplings. There will be a special fragrance.However, the content of sodium ions in fennel is relatively high, and sodium is part of the salt. Excessive sodium ion intake can cause vascular ionic pressure fluctuations, blood vessel tighten, and blood lipids fluctuate.

Therefore, patients with hyperlipidemia are not recommended to eat fennel. Similarly, other high -sodium foods, such as salt, pickled food, mustard, etc., should also eat as little as possible.

Seven -hole lotus root -many starch, high sugar

Seven -hole lotus root, which is commonly known as the "red flower", is mostly seven -hole, because the sugar retention is high and the taste is soft and waxy.

But at the same time, these characteristics of Qitong Lotus root are not suitable for patients with hyperlipidemia. Excessive starch and carbo water intake are not good for controlling the disease, so the Qitong lotus root should be eaten less.

In contrast, Jiu Kong lotus root, also known as "white flower", has high moisture content and small starch content. Instead, it is a good choice.EssenceDiet health is often hidden in these details

Whether you can eat tofu and drink soymilk is not only determined by a single hyperlipidemia symptoms. You can eat or not, but also combine the patient’s complications.The same is true in daily diet. Not all vegetarian foods are suitable for patients with hyperlipidemia, rationally match, and comprehensively ingest nutrition, which is more conducive to recovery of the disease.

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