Her husband wanted to live with his wife who slept in a collective dormitory in the middle of the night, and was rejected by his wife. As a result, there was a tragedy.


One night, her husband returned to their collective dormitory after get off work. He and several workers rented a collective dormitory and lived together.When he wanted to get close to his wife at night, he did not expect to be rejected by his wife.

In a breath, he remembered what happened in the past and was angry, so he picked up the belt on his body and threw his wife to death and threw it into the river.

After this man was born, the family situation was not good, because they were all peasants and their parents were farmers. After he went to junior high school, his academic performance was very good.

But parents think that reading is useless, and he can’t afford to go to college, so he asked his son to go outside to work.In the end, the son dropped out of school to work in the city.

But the son did not earn many banknotes in working in the city, and the parents felt that their son had no ability and was unable to be capable. He didn’t care about his own affairs.The ability is going outside.

Later, when the man and his colleagues met together, his colleague took his wife and also brought one of his daughters.

So he saw that woman was beautiful and beautiful, and fell in love with him, and for the first time, he went boldly to pursue the woman, and the two talked about love.

But when the two were in love, the woman always disliked the man and had no ability, and was unable to spend money.

Besides, he is also a job, and the money he earns is spent, but he is verbally speaking, but he has no money to spend himself at all.

In the end, the two people split together, and they lived together, and their girlfriends often went to and go with other men. After a while, they were nice with other men.

Now that his girlfriend is pregnant, the man brought his girlfriend home. The parents felt that his son could bring his girlfriend home, so he quickly gave them a grand wedding in his hometown.

After getting married, the woman also gave birth to a child soon. After giving birth to her child, she threw the child to her parents to take care of, and her wife went to work in the city.

Originally they worked together and lived in a collective dormitory, but after their wives were off work, they often went to contact with people outside and contact.

After the husband knew this, he was unhappy, so he persuaded his wife to return to the family, so that his wife deleted the man’s information, and his wife was deleted.

One day after get off work, the husband returned to the collective dormitory. All the employees of the dormitory were in the dormitory, but they did not know their wife.So he called his wife, and his wife said that he went to play in the park and went to cool.

So, according to the positioning of his mobile phone, he saw his wife in a hotel, so he hurriedly took a few friends to the hotel and saw his wife even with the man, so the man was so slippery.

He left his wife alone in a hotel, so he brought his wife back home, and forgive his wife, and his wife also kneeling to ask for mercy. She said that she would have to cut off the relationship with the man in the future.

One night, the husband said that he was running outside, but when his wife returned, his wife was full of perfume smell. He knew that his wife had dated the lover, not running.

So the two got up in the middle of the night, and the wife ran away from home. As a result, her husband found that his wife was with the lover again.

At that time, they lived in a collective dormitory. One night, the workers fell asleep. At this time, he wanted to get close to his wife, and touched his wife’s body. He did not expect his wife to slap him, soHe endured.

But sleeping in the middle of the night, he touched his wife again. At this time, his wife played a mobile phone. When she saw his wife’s mobile phone, she said, "I’m tired of that man. I have no feelings with him. I see him nauseous."

At this time, when the husband thought of this disgusting man, he must be himself, so when he thought that when he was with his wife, his wife often had three or four men who contacted her.

He was angry at once, so he took out the belt on his body, strangled his wife alive, wrapped it in the wild with a quilt, and secretly put the body into the river at night.

Later, he went to work as usual, but he was upside down every day when he went to work, and sometimes made mistakes.Later, the man often walked to the river, so he surrendered.

I want to say that marriage is loyalty. When the couple gets married, they must be loyal to the family and loyal to each other.

For women, she should be as jade, clean and self -care, and to stand the temptation of men outside. Live a solid life.

Once derailed, once you do something that violates moral conscience, the family will break, and life will be defeated in the future!

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