He lurked Taiwan for 42 years, and he was separated from his wife for 9 days. He returned to the mainland at the age of 70 to learn about Children’s Sun Manchuria.

In 1987, Taiwan and the mainland officially implemented three links. With the increasingly close economic and political exchanges between the strait, Taiwan canceled martial law on the mainland and allowed the opening of the mainland to visit relatives.

In the second year, an old man named Ye Yikui immediately submitted an application for returning to the mainland after learning that he could return to the mainland to visit relatives. Soon after, he staggered with a white hair and followed the crowd on the cruise ship back to the mainland.

The travelers with him are all mainlanders who have been separated from his family for many years. Compared with them, Ye Yikui has always performed very stable.

But the travelers next to him knew that the old man was not as calm at all. The backpack belt in his hand had been folded by him, and the people around him couldn’t help but interest.

"The old man wants home?"

"Think, think very much!"

The old man’s answer is very firm.

He not only thought of his long -awaited hometown, but also the wife who was forced to be separated from himself from the nine days of the wedding.

Ye Yikui, who was like an arrow, took the boat to Hong Kong first, and then returned to his hometown from Hong Kong to his hometown from Hong Kong. The first time he returned home, he did not rest, but tried to find out the whereabouts of his wife.

From the mouth of the folks, he learned that his wife was staying at the maid’s house at this time. Ye Yikui had a few miles away for tears. According to the route in the memory, he quickly came to the door of his wife’s house.

At this moment, he was already white -haired. He looked at the familiar courtyard door in front of him. It was difficult to move in place for a while. Until the old woman in the house saw the figure standing outside the courtyard and opened the door.

"Is Hang Guang you?"

"It’s me! It’s me!"

Ye Yikui, also known as Xie Hanguang in the woman’s population, trembled and answered a few times, and quickly walked forward, holding the woman in her arms.

In this close embrace, Xie Hanguang and his wife knew that the love between each other did not fade over time. Xie Hansuki could not wait to make up for the lack of hugs that was separated for 42 years.

He raised his eyes and saw a circle of people standing beside the door, with tears with eyes without exception.

"Dad! Mother! Quickly enter the house!"

Xie Hanguang, who was known for this name, was very surprised.

Seeing the doubt of the man, Xie Hanguang’s wife gave an answer. Shortly after getting married, Xie Hansuang separated from her because of her reason, and she found that she was pregnant. She knew how many years could she meet again.And before leaving, Xie Hansuang also asked her not to wait for him to find someone to marry again, so the best choice is not to have children, and the remarriage is directly remarried.

But the woman was very reluctant to be the crystallization of this love. She gave birth to the child firmly. With the help of her mother and relatives and friends, for so many years, she worked hard to pull the child to the big., Son gave birth to three children.

During this period, some people also watched her virtuous and capable, and persuaded her to marry again, but all she refused. She always had a belief in her heart that Xie Hanguang would not live up to her, and one day she would come back to her.

The day after 42 years was finally realized.

Before leaving, Xie Hanguang didn’t know his wife was pregnant with his children. Now he heard that Xie Hanguang couldn’t help but put the children and his wife together in his arms again: "Hard work!"

Without saying a word, Xie Hanguang choked and couldn’t, and his tears blurred his sight.

He thought that the night before leaving, he seemed to be holding the woman in front of him, and he couldn’t bear to say "waiting for me";

Now he can finally hug this woman again and respond to her: "I’m back, it’s hard!"

And everything in front of him is also puzzled. Why did Xie Hanguang rename Ye Yikui, and what caused him to separate him and his wife for 42 years?

Xie Hanguang was born in an ordinary farmers’ home in Puzhai Town, Fengshun County, Guangdong Province. Although the family is ordinary, there are nine younger brothers and sisters under him who need to raise it.He entered the school.

In that turbulent era, he did not live up to his family’s expectations, and successfully entered the forest department of the "National Guangxi University" Agricultural College, becoming a role model for many local young people.

During his school, he also made many friends who had the best relationship with Liang Yanqing, Chen Zhonghao and Zhang Bozhe.

There is a confidant, knowledge, and Bole. Xie Hansuang’s university has benefited a lot in four years, and the graduation process is very smooth. He also returned to work in a farm in his hometown after graduation.

It didn’t take long for him to be promoted to the director of the farm with his solid ability and reserve knowledge.

He had a stable personality. He wanted to live a bland life, but at the time, he was in a critical period of the Kuomintang and the Civil War of the Communist Party.

As early as the school, he learned a lot of knowledge related to the Communist Party with the three of his friends, and also participated in the anti -Japanese activities many times, so at this time, facing the state of crisis in the face of the Communist Party.

So after carefully considering, he resolutely joined the Communist Party of China and was preparing to contribute his power to the motherland uniformly.

Later, when he discovered that the Kuomintang in the Chaoshan area adopted an emergency arrest of the Communist Party, he repeatedly risked the Communist Party on the farm to help them escape the hunting.

The location of his work, the farm, has also become a secret base of the Communist Party.

It didn’t take long for the Civil War between the Communist Party and the Kuomintang to be stalemate, and Guilin was also captured by the Kuomintang. In desperation, Xie Hanguang followed the refugee on the road to Sichuan.

Along the way, Xie Hansuang relied on begging to maintain his life. Fortunately, his will is strong, so that he could save his life before arriving in Sichuan.

At this time, Xie Hanguang met a Communist Party member and recognized his identity, so he recommended to the organization to make Xie Hansuang a teacher, and Xie Hanguang’s life was stabilized again.

After that, he received a telegram of his teacher once, and the other party said that he has become the director of the Taiwan Forestry Test Institute. He continues a powerful assistant around him.Essence

Xie Hanguang, who received the news of the teacher, also thought that this was a good opportunity to work and study, so after the work of the teacher’s work was handed over, he set off directly.

Because he had to go through Hong Kong in Taiwan, Xie Hansuang first arrived in Hong Kong. As a result, he stopped here, and even temporarily gave up the teacher’s invitation.

Because he met a woman he wanted to accompany his life.

Occasionally, when Xie Hanguang was in contact with a woman, he found that each other’s three views and character were suitable, so the two began to contact and communicate frequently.

In the expectations of everyone, Xie Hansuang walked into the palace of marriage with the woman.

Although he did not forget the identity of his Communist Party and the responsibility of maintaining the unity of the motherland at this time, his heart could not give up the warmth in front of him.

But on the ninth day of marriage, Su Hui, the head of Hong Kong, the South China Branch of the Communist Party of China, came to Xie Hansuang’s "Organization has a difficult task, you need to perform it!"

This task is to let Xie Hansuang rush to Taiwan immediately, trying to gain a solid foothold and help carry out underground work.

Xie Hanguang understood that his country was in the front and love was behind, so he suppressed the loss in his heart, a "guarantee to complete the task", and took over this new job that might have made him a life of nine deaths.

Su Hui saw that he was in a good condition. He also said that the first task requested that "after you arrive in Taiwan, a comrade -in -arms and alumni will also arrive after you. You need to arrange a suitable job for him."

After conducting some short -term follow -up with Su Hui, Xie Hansuang started to go home. As a Communist Party, Xie Hansuang knew that the task was urgent, but he couldn’t bear his wife who was new to the wedding.

What’s more important is that the task is very confident. Xie Hanguang cannot tell his wife, and can only let his wife separate with himself. He thinks that he is very sad and suffer here.

When he returned home, he put his wife into his arms and communicated softly with him.

"I have a problem with my work. I need to go to Taiwan alone. The journey is long and the task is heavy. We are likely to lose contact. If I don’t come back for too long, don’t wait for me."

Xie Hanguang, who finished these words, couldn’t help choking.

His wife said nothing, but he hugged the man tightly and gave him comfort.

On the day, Xie Hanguang turned his heart, but after turning, he still said to his wife,

"Wait for me to come back, wait for me."

Xie Hanguang didn’t know he turned around at this time. He could not return to his wife until 42 years later. He regretted that he finally said to his wife and delayed his wife’s life.

Especially after 42 years, he knew his wife’s pregnancy.

So what happened after Xie Hanguang arrived in Taiwan?

After coming to Taiwan, Xie Hanguang successfully entered the Taiwan Forestry Pilot House. At this time, the organization also sent another underground party, the friend of Xie Boguang-Zhang Bozhe.

Under the arrangement of Xie Hanguang, Zhang Bozhe became an ordinary staff member of the Lotus Pool Branch.

Soon after the teacher’s work change, Xie Hanguang was promoted as the director, which further expanded our party’s advantage.

During this period, Xie Hanguang covered many underground party members who went to Taiwan with their status, including the other two other friends Liang Yanqing and Chen Zhonghao, who came later, had a suitable position under his arrangement.

The work of the underground party is very secretive, but the days will not be so calm.

On one day, Xie Hanguang’s colleague Wang Mingde passed on his girlfriend’s "Bright News" for many times, causing Chen Cheng’s doubts and caught by the Kuomintang.

During the severe confession, Wang Mingde exposed all the truth he knew, and seven people, the head of the Keelung Municipal Working Committee, were arrested and imprisoned.

However, unlike Wang Mingde, after Zhong Haodong was arrested, he faced the torture of the enemy’s severe torture and never revealed the half words. He kept shouting: "I am a Communist Party member, and I will never yield."

This made the Kuomintang angered, and the interrogation methods became more harsh.

Zhong Haodong’s head was stunned during the torture of the day, and couldn’t help but murmured "How about Lao Zheng", which attracted the attention of the Kuomintang. In their careful investigation, the true identity of Lao Zheng was found out.Cai Xiaogan.

Li Fen, the underground party of the Kaohsiung Party, who was arrested by the Kuomintang, was also interrogated. Chen Zemin, deputy secretary of the Taiwan Working Committee of the Communist Party of China, was the identity of the Communist Party, and Chen Zemin indirectly sat in the interrogation.fact.

After all the seven people and other seven people were sacrificed by Zhong Haodong, Cai Xiaogan was caught by the Kuomintang.

As the old revolutionary warrior who has experienced the Anti -Japanese Long March, Cai Xiaogan, but after being interrogated, he couldn’t help but reveal all the underground party information he knew and betrayed the Communist Party.

Nearly 500 comrades in our party were arrested, and many people were sacrificed because they refused to surrender, such as Chen Baocang, Zhu Feng, Wu Shi, who were underground named "Secretary One".

For a while, white horror came to this island. Xie Hanguang’s friends Zhang Bozhe and Liang Yanqing also sacrificed one after another, while Chen Zhonghao completely lost his whereabouts.

Xie Hansuang knew that it would be his turn soon, but the incident appeared at this moment.

Just when the Kuomintang leaked the list of Cai Xiaogan, when he hunting the Communist Party, Zhang Bozhe left Xie Hansuang a letter to Xie Hansuang before sacrificing. The friend told Xie Hansuki the news exposed by the organization.

He warned that Xie Hansuki had to leave quickly. After reading the letter, Xie Hanguang immediately embarked on the road of escape. He couldn’t rest assured that his friends had to go to the work location of his friends many times later. As a result, there was either no news or knew that the other party had been arrested.

In desperation, Xie Hanguang came to Nantun Village in Taichung according to Zhang Bozhe’s arrangement, and then came to the forestry improvement station under the help of his classmates.

Here he encountered farmers Tang Xibo. Xie Hansuang claimed that he was a Kuomintang deserter, which triggered the sympathy of the other party. He was brought back to his home by the other party and hid in the distant ravine.

After the Kuomintang’s search, the simple Tangxi Bo told the village chief to the existence of Xie Hansuang. The village chief took the villagers to bring Xie Hansuang to the village, allowing him to replace the identity of a dead villager.

Since then, Xie Hanguang officially pseudo Ye Yikui. He has officially lived in this distant mountain village. Because he worked at the Forestry Institute, he had a very planting skills, so soon Xie Hanguang and the Takayama people in the village became a piece.

Xie Hanguang, who has a simple personality, completely hides his identity, work hard every day, finds a way to confuse the Kuomintang’s sight, and use the identity of the unknown forestry workers to survive in this catastrophe.

Later, the village chief and the villagers also told Xie Hansuang, but he always remembered the newlywed wife in the family. All of them rejected them. They went out early and returned early every day.

He did not expect that this day was decades. Because the relationship between Taiwan and the mainland at that time was very tight, so after knowing that Taiwan would have all the connections between the two sides of the strait, Xie Hanguang was desperate.

In this way, Xie Hansuang became a record of the CCP who had the longest hidden time in Taiwan. In the past few decades, he has been waiting for Taiwan to open.

In the end, he waited for him. With the changes in the situation, the two sides of the strait gradually opened, and Xie Hanguang could finally reunite with relatives separated by the strait.

After that, Xie Hanguang, who reunited with his wife, took the initiative to give out all his hidden work. While his wife burst into tears, he was very proud of him.

Xie Hanguang couldn’t help crying. He finally did not have to separate from his loved ones. He could be in his old age in his old age.

But now Xie Hanguang, who is still under Ye Yikui, has lost contact with the organization for too long. The comrades who participated in this task were basically sacrificed at that time. There was no sufficient evidence to prove his identity of his Communist Party and no one proved him for him.

Therefore, Xie Hansuang can only become an ordinary farmer, and every month, he relies on a 20 yuan subsidy to the country to send a 20 yuan subsidy to Taiwan.

But he didn’t complain about it. In his opinion, it was a lucky thing to reunite with his loved ones.

What he didn’t expect was that he found Chen Zhonghao, a friend who had lost his whereabouts!

It turned out that after the Kuomintang crisis broke out, Chen Zhonghao successfully returned to the mainland under the protection of the organization and was out of danger.

The two old friends who reunited were very happy. Chen Zhonghao also knew Xie Hanguang’s difficulties. Therefore, after returning home, he sent a certificate directly to the organization, asking Xu Yide, who was working in the Taiwan Affairs Office of Tianjin to help restore Xie Hanguang’s party membership.

Xu Yide’s relationship with Chen Zhonghao was very good. After receiving this letter, he immediately collected a lot of proof of Xie Hansuang mentioned in that year, and was handed over to the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China.

After careful inspection, Xie Hansuang successfully restored the party, and the country helped him with the treatment.

After restoring Xie Hanguang’s real name, he was very excited. He remembered his hard work and forbearance in the past few decades. He thanked the country for not forgetting and abandoning him. He would not regret everything he paid for the motherland!

From then on, Xie Hansuki had only one wish, that is, a happy life with his family. He sold all his assets and bought a small building with a small building to live with the whole family and lived in his old age with peace of mind.

In 1996, accompanied by his relatives around him, Xie Hanguang died with a satisfying smile!

"Victory is not easy, so I can’t forget the years of fighting." "

The countless ancestors on the road of the motherland throw their heads and sprinkle their heads. Their names, their youth, and their dedication should be remembered by every Chinese.

Without their efforts, there is no future in our current future. Xie Hansuang showed us the fact that it is not easy for the current Haiqing Heyan to pay for us.

Whether it was Chen Zhonghao’s high evaluation after Xie Hansuang’s death, or the admiration and admiration of Xie Hansuang’s younger generations, we can see that Xie Hansuang is an excellent revolutionary element who really puts the party in his heart.

His experience is ups and downs, showing the perfect legendary heroist scroll, we should learn from him!

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