He Chaoying’s 6 months of pregnancy is scary!Decisure the twins self -exposure to take a cesarean section in advance

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Guide: Recently, Hong Kong media exposed the gambler’s daughter He Chaoying, and took photos of the wedding of girlfriends in the girlfriend in June. He Chaoying’s pregnant belly in the photo was scary.Generally, He Chaoying’s pregnant belly has become a heated discussion among netizens.

He Chaoying’s 6 months of pregnancy is scary!Decisure the twins desire to take a cesarean section in advance.

After pregnancy, He Chaoying attended the wedding of his girlfriend on June 16. He Chaoyi at the wedding had a long skirt, but the huge body figure made many netizens say that they did not recognize at first glance.

From the wedding photos, we probably know that there are five sisters and bridesmaid groups in this wedding, and He Chaoying is one of them.For this reason, many netizens issued their questions. Can they be bridesmaids after pregnancy?

Indeed, in Chinese traditional culture, women who are pregnant or after marriage generally do not invite them to join the bridesmaid group. However, through photos, we can see that the bride Yan Jiwen does not care about these old traditional concepts, and the relationship with He ChaoyingIt must be very good, so He Chaoying, who is already pregnant with Liuga, has joined the bridesmaid group.

He Chaoying is dressed in the same dress as the sisters of other bridesmaid groups.There are a lot of time, naturally spend some effort in the production of bridesmaid clothes.

He Chaoying himself also told the media that because his belly was huge, his girlfriend Yan Jiwen was very intimate.Other sisters from the bridesmaid group also told the media that He Chaoying’s bridesmaid clothing is more conservative compared to the bridesmaid clothes of several other sisters.

From the group photo we found that although the sisters were all standing sideways, He Chaoying’s bridesmaid clothes were obviously wider than others.

In addition to the tailor -made customization of clothing, the media also found a small detail. In addition to the grand dress and wearing many jewelry at the scene, the sisters of the bridesmaid group also showed their own ability, and wearing jewelry to dress carefully.

Compared with He Chaoying’s most low -key dress, you can see that her hands did not wear pigeon egg expensive rings. Looking at the whole body, even the most common jewelry did not wear it.

It is reported that He Chaoying and her husband were engaged in March this year, and announced their pregnancy. At that time, the pregnant belly was more than three months. When He Chaoying attended the wedding of his girlfriend, the pregnant belly was more than six months, but the six months of pregnancy was better than ordinary than ordinary belly than ordinary belly than ordinary.There are a lot of pregnant women, and the whole body is bloated a lot.

Seeing the photos of He Chaoying’s pregnant belly, many netizens couldn’t believe that she had only six months, and said, "This must be a four -cell twins." "The belly is really big, either twins or many twins."In this regard, Hong Kong media also exposed news of suspected twins.

He Chaoying’s body comparison after pregnancy is really sighing. Before pregnancy, the whole person is thin and thin, and now this body is really difficult to make people not doubt that it is conceived.

However, when the fourth wife of the gambler and He Yanjun attended the public event, he was asked if He Chaoying had twins and was denied by He Junjun, saying that He Chaoying was just a big belly.

He Chaoying himself was also asked about the pregnant belly at the wedding. She revealed to the media that the due date from September to the end of August, because the belly is too large, she may not be able to choose to choose a cesarean section in advance.

Important tips: In the end, He Chaoying is not a twin. It seems that only after the production of the end of August, the result will naturally know, and you can wait patiently.

Today’s topic: Is there such a super pregnant woman with such a pregnant belly around us?

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