Have you recruited these rumors of "softening blood vessels"?It’s time to reveal the truth

Many people are afraid of taking medicine and fear of brackets, so many people who "soften blood vessels" and "make blood vessels younger" spread around, and many people are convinced.

Have you recruited these rumors?


Can drinking red wine soften blood vessels?

Red wine contains resveratrol, which has a certain effect on lowering blood lipids.However, the premise is that it is necessary to consume a certain amount, and the content of resveratrol in red wine is very small, and a glass of red wine does not achieve the goal every day.


A number of studies have confirmed that no matter how much alcohol that is intake, it is harmful to the human body, so drinking red wine in order to soften blood vessels is a good behavior.


Drinking vinegar can soften blood vessels?

The hardening arterial plaques are mainly composed of calcium and fat. If calcium is soaked in vinegar, calcium can indeed dissolve.However, the human body has a strong mechanism to regulate the pH of the blood, and will not make the blood acidic because of drinking vinegar.Moreover, if blood really becomes acidic, it is harmful or fatal to people.


The main ingredient of vinegar is acetic acid, which has a certain corrosion. A large amount of vinegar intakes in an empty stomach can corrode the digestive tract, burn gastric mucosa and esophageal causing ulcers, causing severe pain.


Can eating black fungus soften blood vessels?

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that black fungus is sweet and flat, has the effect of clearing heat and moisturizing, cooling blood and blood circulation; fungus is born of rotten wood.

Western medicine believes that black fungus mainly contain protein, fat, lecithin, sheath phospholipids, various vitamins, as well as inorganic ingredients such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, etc., with anti -blood gel, anti -thrombosis, promoting immune function, regulating blood lipids, anti -arterioscopy, anti -arterioscopySample sclerosis, blood sugar, delay aging, anti -ulcer, antifungal and other extensive pharmacological effects.

It can be seen that black fungus does have a certain prevention effect, but it cannot be used as a substitute for drugs.


Can eating deep -sea fish oil soften blood vessels?

The content of polyunsaturated fatty acids in deep -sea fish oil is indeed higher than freshwater fish, and polyunsaturated fatty acids do have a certain effect of lowering blood lipids, but it cannot directly act on blood vessels and keep blood vessels elastic.


The quality of fish oil is uneven. It is not recommended to buy it at will.


Can eating "Heart" replenish my heart?

In life, we often hear the people around you say "what to eat and make up". There are qi deficiency and qi in traditional Chinese medicine, and yang deficiency and yang; western medicine also lacks vitamins to supplement vitamins, etc.?

Of course, eating heart cannot replenish the heart. Animal internal organs such as the heart are rich in cholesterol. For patients with cardiovascular disease, not only can it not be able to prevent cardiovascular disease, but also increase the condition. ThereforePatients are taboos.


Can traditional Chinese medicines such as Sanqi, Salviaus and other Chinese medicine prevent cardiovascular disease?

Traditional Chinese medicine pays attention to syndrome differentiation. The treatment plan varies from person to person, varies from person to illness.As far as the heart is concerned, there is a type of heart blood stasis, qi deficiency and blood stasis, and phlegm turbidity resistance.

Sanqi powder and Danshen powder have the effects of activating blood circulation and stasis. The heart -based diseases that treat blood stasis and blood stasis can also play a certain preventive role in other Chinese medicinal materials.



Arterial sclerosis can only be delayed and cannot be reversed

The so -called vascular softening is simply to make the blood vessels "younger". The young blood vessels and other components of the inner wall of the blood vessels are relatively flexible and more conducive to blood circulation.

However, with the age of age, the body cell aging, the blood vessels will become stiff and fragile, and the aging of human cells is accompanied by cell aging and mitochondrial DNA loss, and DNA is an unable to regenerate substance.

Therefore, in a strict sense, aging blood vessels cannot "reverse" and "younger", and can only take appropriate means to delay the speed of blood vessel aging.

Therefore, the so -called "softening" of blood vessels is similar to "returning to the old". It is difficult to achieve from the perspective of advanced medicine, not to mention the various methods we try in daily life.

Do 4 points for 4 points to make blood vessels grow slower

A move -persistence exercise

If you have a car, you are too lazy to walk, you can not climb the stairs when you can take the elevator; you can sit and do n’t sit on your back … How many people do n’t exercise for a long time.

If you want to be good for blood vessels, you must have the standards of prevention and improvement in exercise time (40 minutes each time), exercise strength (medium strength), and exercise frequency (5 times a week).

Two minus -reduced waist circumference, reducing neck circumference

There is a saying: the longer the waist of the pants, the shorter the life span.Fat -up will bring a lot of problems, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, etc.I didn’t feel much when I was young, but ten years later, my heart, liver, kidney, and brain were affected.

"Thick neck" can reflect the increased sedimentation of subcutaneous fat or fat around the respiratory tract, which is a manifestation of abnormal undergoing fat accumulation.

Multiple studies have found that people with rough human blood lipids are more likely to have more diseases such as heart disease and cerebral hemorrhage.

Three Rings -Refusing tobacco, alcohol, staying up late

Stop it!Smoking, drinking, and staying up late are the risk factors that hurt the blood, and even induce sudden death.

"As long as you get smoking, drinking, and staying up late, you should know each other!

Four control -control four high indicators

People without metabolic issues should be actively prevented. People with metabolic problems should be controlled as soon as possible, because blood vessels go through blood scrubbing every second. If blood is thick and lipids, the burden on the blood vessels will become heavier and heavier.Covering or rupture can easily cause harm to the human body.

Source: Yin famous doctor

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