Have you ever used the tricks of seeing boys and women in the people?When is the fetal?

After pregnancy, fetal gender is always a hot topic.

Some people will transform into the "big immortal", carefully detail the mother’s belly, and then tell his "unique recipe" to tell you how to see the gender of the fetus in one trick, which makes the prospective father and mother look forward to it.

Some of the methods of seeking fetal gender widely circulated in folk, waiting for the expectant mothers who are born of baby, have you ever used it?

1. Look at the mother’s taste to distinguish between men and women

"You love sour, sour girls, nostalgic boys, I was like this at that time."

"Sour Girl" refers to the method of judging the gender of the fetus based on the changes in the taste of the pregnant mother.

If the pregnant mother loves sour food, she is pregnant with male treasures, and foods that love spicy food are female treasures.

In fact, love spicy foods are related to the changes in hormones, body structure and pregnant mother’s own dietary habits, and have no direct connection with the baby’s gender.

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers will secrete a substance called choric membrane promoter gonadotropin (HCG), which will inhibit gastric acid secretion and inhibit digestive enzyme activity, which will affect the digestion and absorption of the gastrointestinal.

And sour food can promote stimulating the secretion of gastric juice and improve the activity of digestive enzymes, promote gastrointestinal motility, and help the digestion and absorption of food.

Spicy food can reduce the gastrointestinal reaction of nausea and vomiting during pregnancy.

If the pregnant mother does not hate the spicy food before, it may continue to follow after pregnancy.

It can be seen that the food that prefers hot and sour taste is a normal pregnancy reaction in the early pregnancy, which has nothing to do with the baby’s gender.

2. Look at the mother’s skin to distinguish between men and women

The skin of the expectant mother is a girl, and the skin is not good.

The root of this sentence is: If you are pregnant with male treasures, it will increase therogens in the pregnant mother’s body, and the skin will become rough, easy to grow and spots;

Conversely, if the girl is pregnant, the skin of the pregnant mother will become delicate, shiny, and rosy.

After pregnancy, hormones in expectant mothers will change, and the skin will become very fragile, easy to grow spots and allergies.

After pregnancy, why do some expectant mothers have poor skin, and some expectant mothers have better skin?

This is related to its own regulation function of hormones.

If the pregnant mother has a strong adjustment function, the hormones will be weaker, and the skin will be less affected. In addition, the diet during pregnancy is light, the rules of work and rest, the emotion is stable, and the skin can be better.

If the pregnant mother has a weak adjustment function and the impact of hormones, it prefer spicy food, and the impact on the skin will be greater.

And the hormones secreted by the fetus are neutral, and basically do not affect the hormone balance of the mother.

It is not accurate to judge the gender of the fetus by the skin of the pregnant mother.

3. Look at the shape of a pregnant belly to identify men and women

The belly has a boy, and the belly has a round girl.

It means that if the abdomen of the pregnant mother is facing down, like a goose egg shape, the fetus is a boy, if it is round like watermelon, it is a female treasure.

In fact, the shape of the pregnant mother’s belly is affected by her body shape, amount of amniotic fluid, abdominal muscles, and fertility.

4. Fetal Heart Fast and Slowly Different Men and Women

It means that the fetal heart is slow, and the male baby is strong, otherwise the female baby.

In fact, the fetal heart rate is adjusted, and the normal fetal heart rate of boys and girls is maintained at 120/minute-160/minute.

The rapid and slow heart rate will change, the fetal heart rate is relatively accelerated during fetal movement, and the relatively slow when quiet;

In the early stages of pregnancy, the second trimester will gradually slow down.

Fast and slow fetal heart rate is an important basis for judging fetal health. When the fetal heart rate is abnormally increased or decreased, the baby may be dangerous.

It can be seen that judging the gender of the fetus based on the fetal heart rate is not reliable.

In addition to the above methods, there are many methods of seeing the sex of the fetus, but it is not credible. Entertainment is okay.

The really accurate method is generally these.

♥ B -ultrasound

Generally speaking, at 13 weeks of pregnancy, gender can be preliminarized through B -ultrasound.

By 16 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal gender can be judged by the fetal genitals, and the accuracy rate can be increased to 80%, and it can reach 90%by 18 weeks.

The accuracy of the B ultrasound is not 100 %, because the judgment results will be affected by many factors.

For example, if the fetus position, the small arm or calf blocks the key parts. If the doctor is not experienced, it will not be accurately judged.

If the pregnant mother is fat and the abdomen is thick, it will also affect the test results.

测 Non -invasive DNA detection, chorionic puncture and amniotic fluid puncture, etc.

These clinical methods are mainly used to eliminate fetal chromosomal abnormal diseases, but they can also judge the gender of the fetus.

Identification of fetal sex is illegal. The above -mentioned accurate methods are only popular science and will never be encouraged.

Some people are rare boys, and the high leather is rely on; some people like girls, and gentle physical stickers can hurt people.

But the gender of the fetus does not change with our ideas, but has its own decisive factor.

Generally speaking, we have identified men and women through newborns’ external genitalia.

You may want to ask:

"The fetus was determined at the moment of fertilization, or did it develop later?"

In fact, the gender of the fetus is doomed at the moment of the combination of sperm and eggs.

As we all know, there are 46 chromosomes in each human cell, 23 of which come from the father and the other 23 from the mother.

Of these 46 chromosomes, only 2 can determine gender, so they are called "sex chromosomes".

Men’s sex chromosomes are xy, and women are XX

The fetus can only get X chromosomes from the mother, and X chromosomes or Y chromosomes can be obtained from the father.

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If the sperm drilled into the egg provides X chromosomes, chromosome nucleus type 46 XX;

If the sperm provides Y chromosomes, chromosome nucleus is 46 xy.

In the 8th week of pregnancy, the fetal gland with Y chromosomes develops in the direction of testicles, that is, developing into a boy. If there is no Y chromosome, it will develop in the direction of the ovary, which is a female treasure.

Nature is so amazing. In order to maintain a balanced proportion of men and women, the fetus has an equal chance of getting X or Y chromosome from his father. Therefore, the same is true of the opportunity to develop into men and women.

It can be seen that the baby’s gender does not need to choose from, and natural and healthy babies are the best.

Specific mothers, do you want to be male or female treasure in your stomach?

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