Have you ever had a sign of a sign?

I believe that everyone will have a lot of strange dreams from a young age.Can dreams bring us inspiration or sign?Intersection

The older generation often says that dreams are anti -dreams, which means that your dreams do are exactly the opposite of what happens in reality.For example, if you dream of good, it is actually bad. Dreaming of sad things is actually happy.But I think it is a bit too hasty to interpret the dream [tears]

In the past, my interpretation of dreams may also be very superficial, and it would not interpret it very deeply.I do n’t know when I started, I have some deeper interpretation methods for some dreams, and I can basically explain to some dreams of dreams.I feel very magical myself!Of course, this must also be combined with the environment where the dreamer himself is and some things they were experiencing at the time.For example …

Dream 1: This is a dream made by my girlfriend.She told me in the morning that she dreamed of abortion.At that time, she was not married or pregnant, but she dreamed of miscarriage. She felt very puzzling.I knew it was going on as soon as I heard it.I asked her if she had recently applied for other jobs?She said she couldn’t hide everything!The background environment is that at that time I just changed to a new job, the company was also a new company, and was still in the recruitment stage. She was just looking for a job at that time, so I asked herI am not very satisfied with the salary, I said that let her do it first, and then change it.She may be because I called her, so she didn’t tell me that she actually secretly applied for another job, and her job salary was still satisfactory, just waiting for notification.She told me that after this dream, I said not to wait. This may be yellow.She asked why?I said this is still unknown?Is pregnancy in secret that only what you know?The corresponding thing is that you did not say what to apply for.What does abortion represent?I don’t need to say it, right?IntersectionShe suddenly realized.She said she really didn’t associate this dream with reality.Oh I see.Later, it was really yellow [cover your face]

Dream 2: This is a dream I have only made this morning, which is strange.I dreamed that I was sleeping in my original old house.Suddenly hearing the sound of the sound of the living room, the sound of the loud voice was actually quite loud.So I got up to check it, and I didn’t turn on the lights. My probe looked at the living room. The red light in the living room was particularly dark. My dad was sitting next to the table in the living room.Voice [sweat] [sweat] The scene is weird and weird.I’m going out to ask my dad how to sit here in the middle of the night?IntersectionSuddenly woke up!IntersectionAfter waking up, I glanced at 4:55.After getting in a toilet, I lay down and dreamed, dreaming that I was gimmicking in one direction!I realized that my grandma might not be there.Because my grandmother has been hospitalized recently, she is old and 90 years old. Various organs of the body have been exhausted. From hospitalization before, she has been maintaining drugs.The intermediate illness notice has been issued several times, and even a doctor and nurse said that they quickly notified the family, and then stood there and waited for the death time. I rushed back overnight. As a result, my grandmother was a miracle.Come over again.I have also had a lot of dreams in the middle, but there is nothing special.Only the two dreams this morning were impressed.And recently, my father and aunt were accompanied by the hospital at night, that is, I know that the elderly may go at any time.I dreamed that my father didn’t sleep in the middle of the night to eat noodles, which was not normal in itself.And the dim red light in the living room is like a candle ordered at home.Dreaming of hoe again, what is the general situation?This is not much to explain.So I just know what’s going on.Then I received a cousin phone at six o’clock and said that Grandma was gone at 5:05.To count it, it was when I was hoeing in my dream.Amazing!Intersection

I think the thing that the dream reflects is the information that the person comes with, and tell me through the dream.Maybe some people feel that they do n’t interpret it too much. Indeed, they ca n’t be superstitious, but one day, maybe science association gives the answer!

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