Half a plate of cucumber down, Uncle Hangzhou suddenly shocked!Doctor: The mortality rate is extremely high, many people have done wrong this matter

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Hot summer

"Cool dish" is on the table of many people

Standing Food

Recently, Hangzhou 67 -year -old Huang Dabo (pseudonym)

Just because a plate of cold cucumbers refrigerated overnight

Induced infectious shock

Almost step into the ghost gate!

Cold cucumber refrigerated all night

After taking bacterial infection, causing purulent hematic disease, shock!

On the evening of June 4th, because the guests came at home, the meals were richer than usual, and most of the cold cucumbers were left.After a meal, Dabo Huang put it in the refrigerator.

Early the next morning, before he went out to work, he took out the cool dish from the refrigerator and eaten with rice porridge.

Unexpectedly, two hours later, Uncle Huang began to have symptoms of vomiting and diarrhea.In the evening, he suddenly launched a high fever, and then there were critical symptoms such as darkness and trembling in front of him.

The wife quickly called the 120 emergency call and sent him to Hangzhou Ninth People’s Hospital for treatment.When the emergency car arrived at the hospital, Uncle Huang had a shock.

The edge of the bed shows that the blood pressure has fallen to 85/52mmHg, and the original calcium original in the blood also exceeds more than 200 times the normal value.

"This is a severe bacterial infection. It is initially considered to be purulent and ledmia and infectious shock caused by bacterial infection." Han Liang, an urgent digestive physician who was present, judged.

Medical staff immediately launched rescue treatment such as liquid and anti -infection against Bo Huang.With the joint efforts of everyone, Mobo Huang’s life signs gradually recovered.

The refrigerator cannot eliminate bacteria breeding

Some fungi will be colder and "hi"

Pyxiaxiamia refers to the syndrome of systemic inflammatory response caused by infection, which is mainly manifested in symptoms such as chills, fever, and panic.If delay treatment, it may cause serious infectious shock, leading to multi -organ failure, and the mortality rate is extremely high.

"The temperature is high in summer, and the food is easy to breed bacteria. After putting it in the refrigerator, it cannot prevent bacteria from breeding. Once the bacteria enters the food with the food, it may cause discomfort such as vomiting, fever, diarrhea, etc.Symptoms, "Han Liang said.

There are also some cold bacteria, which will only make them colder and more "hi".The freezing room of refrigerators is more common to store meat products, and the Yelson bacteria and Lisite bacteria in the meat are cold bacteria, which is suitable for living in a cold environment and can reproduce a lot.

The refrigerator itself does not have a sterilization function, but in the lower temperature environment, most microorganisms are in a dormant state, and the breeding speed is slowed. Once the thawing temperature rises, the bacteria will reproduce a lot.These bacteria may not directly cause the human body, but they need to be vigilant.

Cold dishes should be eaten now

How to use the refrigerator safely in summer

Most of the cold dishes lack high temperature treatment, and during the production process, it is more likely to breed pathogenic bacteria, especially in summer with hot temperatures. It is easier to accelerate bacterial reproduction and induce bacterial infections.

Therefore, it is best to eat cold vegetables in summer.If you ca n’t eat it, do n’t eat for more than 2 hours later. At the same time, avoid placing in the refrigerator for too long, so as to reduce the probability of bacterial agglomeration pollution.

The weather in summer is hot. In order to make you eat more assured, please take out a small book and write down these points.

Do not store the food in the refrigerator for too long. At the same time, the food stored in the freezer should not be thawed in the refrigerator to avoid cross -pollution.

The food in the refrigerator should not be stored too full. It is recommended to store food classification and store raw foods.

The refrigerator needs to be disconnected regularly, cleaning the inner linery, and often touched and disinfected at any time.

Look at the refrigerator regularly, and it is found that when food starts to be corrupted and deteriorates, it is cleaned in time.

Do not put in the refrigerator as much as possible to avoid being polluted by other raw food.Some foods like tropical fruits, chocolates, potatoes, cucumbers, etc. After refrigerating the refrigerator for a long time, the food will "hurt" and affect the taste.

Do not eat overnight!

It is best not to eat for more than 2 hours!

Quickly remind your family!

Source 丨 Health Hangzhou, Hangzhou Ninth People’s Hospital, Healthy China

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