Haikou Confinement Center: The process of construction from pregnancy to production

During the pregnancy, the mothers need various inspection items from early pregnancy to the third trimester, and for the convenience of having children to have children in the future.Your own file.What are the precautions for pregnant women at the Card Hospital?What is the process of pregnant women who have a child to have a child?

Capture is divided into big cards and small cards.

Big Card: Generally, go to the hospital to build a card that wants to finally produce, which records the detailed situation of pregnant women during pregnancy in detail.

Small card: Pregnant women go to the health hospital where the community is located to handle the health care manual, which is what we call a small card in daily life.Usually it is only a very basic examination, which is generally preserved by pregnant women by themselves.

To build files, we generally say that pregnant women need to go to the hospital to build a big card.

Go to the hospital for a specific step to build a card:

1. Determine the hospital and make an appointment for the archive number of the hospital in advance

With the popularity of online appointments, it is often difficult for some popular hospitals to find the number one of the file number 1. Pregnant women should pay attention to the appointment of the file number in the 9th to 12th weeks of pregnancy.You can learn about the relevant precautions of the hospital’s archives through online inquiry and telephone consultation.

1. Generally, the obstetrician who can make an appointment (or on -site queue on the spot) can be registered and paid.

2. Arrive at the hospital on time

1. Materials that are carried: the original and photocopy of identity cards, medical insurance cards, quasi -birth permits, the original and photocopy of maternity insurance permits, perinatal certificates, compensation certificates, and a series of tests for inspection after pregnancy, B -ultrasound document, etc.wait.

2. At least 15 minutes in advance to the hospital, some hospitals need to go to the self -service machine to get the number first, and some do not need to take the number. Go directly to the corresponding obstetric clinic.

3. Some hospitals can first measure their basic values such as weight and blood pressure. For specific steps, you can ask the nurses and sisters of the guide desk.

4. Waiting for the call in the hall, you may need to fill in some personal information.

Third, take a doctor

1. See your medical records, forms, registered paper, small cards, and previous related inspections.

2. Doctors will ask you some related issues such as daily life, schedules, and bad symptoms during pregnancy.

3. You can ask the doctor’s own confusion, and the doctor will issue relevant examinations according to personal symptoms.

4. Inspection based on the project formulated by the doctor, you usually need to do "Tang’s" examination at 14 weeks of pregnancy.

5. The doctor will give you a check -up flowchart for building a big card, and open all the words that need to be checked, and come back after all the examination.

6. After paying the payment of related inspection items, the relevant inspection is started. Some projects cannot immediately results in the results, so they ask the doctor to check the results and the next time for the next consultation.And determine the time of the next pregnancy test with the doctor, and make a registration appointment in advance.

1. It is best to go to the hospital for a checkup to accompany the family

Most hospitals are overcrowded. The process of queuing, clinic, and paid is very trivial. Some people accompany them to reduce the burden of pregnant women. When pregnant women face the examination, they will not be too lonely by their family.

2. Pay attention to understanding whether it is good to go in advance

Some inspection items are required to go to the hospital on an empty stomach, especially blood testing. In order to ensure the accuracy of the test results, it is best not to eat it after 12 pm the night before.

3. Wear more comfortable and large clothes and shoes.

4. Before the examination, we must fully understand the warm reminder given to pregnant women from the obstetrics of the hospital to ensure that I understand the information and other information that I should carry in advance.

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