Guangxi women’s pregnancy is set up by a traffic policeman to be overloaded?And fine?Official response!

It is really violating the evil, and you must not live.The police station in Naipo, Tianyang District, Baise City, Guangxi, the police of the second brigade of the highway management set the pregnant woman as overloaded personnel?And issued a fine form?This really confirms the old saying, making a rumor with a rumor, and running a rumor.

Recently, there was a post on the Internet that was very hot. It was said that one person drove a car and had five people in the car. Because his wife was pregnant, the traffic police stopped them.Super -load personnel and fined her.Seeing this post, many netizens leave a message. Is the traffic police wanting money and wanting to be crazy?Even some people directly abused traffic police.Everyone will find that netizens are super angry with such things.

But is the fact really like the post?After investigation by relevant departments, it was found that this was completely a rumor post.Later, the traffic police officer of the law enforcement on the day showed that according to the law enforcement recorder, the high -speed traffic police in Guangxi Baise intercepted a vehicle on the same day, and the coupe was nuclear with 5 people, and actually had six people.Among these six people, a pregnant woman. Seeing this, the high -speed traffic police punished the driver Wei Mouguang. During the punishment process, Wei Mouguang kept using his mobile phone to video.After being punished, Wei Mou was dissatisfied, so he took the video he shot to the end and attached the unreal text: "The traffic police set the pregnant woman to the overload number and a fine …" After editingPublished on the short video platform to vent their indignation.In the end, Wei Mouguang blatantly insulted the traffic police officer for a fine of 500 yuan by public security planes. Wei Mokuang also realized that he was wrong, apologized to the traffic police law enforcement officer on the day, and deleted real videos!

Seeing this, I can’t help but make people sigh. If everyone is like this, what will our social order look like. If everyone is overloaded, how much will the chance of accidents on the highway?For traffic police, sometimes there are some mistakes in work. If they do wrong, we can supervise them, but others are obviously punished, but some people think that the traffic police deliberately punish others!You can supervise or video.But don’t make rumors, this should be the biggest bottom line of each of us!

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