God was launched on the 13th.Is it necessary for female astronauts to exist?

With the safe return of the "Shenzhou 12" manned spacecraft, the "Three People in the Space journey" also successfully completed the 90 -day space journey. In October, the "Shenzhou 13" manned spacecraft will also beStart a 183 -day space journey, and a new "three -person three -person group" may have a female astronaut.

I do n’t know if the friends have found no. So far, there are 12 astronauts in China entering space, but there are only two female astronauts, and because of their different physical structures, female astronauts need to overcome more problems.For example, women face menstruation every month, how did the female astronauts solve this problem before?There are rumors that when choosing female astronauts, why are children?Is it really prohibited to get pregnant after returning to the area?Is it necessary for female astronauts to exist?Next, the second sister will take you to understand the female astronauts.

The current two female astronauts in China are Liu Yang and Wang Yaping.Among them, Liu Yang was the first female astronaut in China to fly into space. She took the "Shenzhou No. 9" and Wang Yaping was the astronaut in "Shenzhou 10".However, "Shenzhou No. 9" only passed in space for less than 13 days, and "Shenzhou 10" was flying less than 15 days. Because the flight time was short, only ten days, so there were two ways to solve this short -term short -termAviation task.

1. Two female astronauts can avoid their physiological cycles. They can choose to perform flight tasks after the physiological cycle is over. This can reduce unnecessary trouble and spend more time for work.

2. If the aviation task is overlapped with the physiological period, female astronauts can take progesterone or short -term contraceptives to postpone the physiological period to the end of the space task.

However, "Shenzhou 13" will fly for 183 days this time. If a female astronaut was selected, the physiological period will be experienced in this long -term aerospace task.How to deal with physiological problems?Some researchers have experimented with female astronauts landing in space. In fact, there is not much difference between the physiological period and the physiological period of space in space. In space, female astronauts can still use sanitary napkins, cotton strips when they experience the physiological periodIt is waiting for items, but due to the trouble of replacement of space, scientific researchers have designed a female astronauts with large water absorption, which effectively reduces the number of sanitary napkins.But there is still a little trouble that space toilets can turn the astronaut’s urine into drinking water, but they cannot deal with blood. Therefore, female astronauts cannot go to the toilet when they experience the physiological period, but there will be other sanitary equipment to solve this onequestion.Orally takes a composite estrogen contraceptive, this contraceptive pill can prevent ovulation.

But some people think what to do if a female astronaut will one day forget to eat?Therefore, scientists also recommend using LARC, which is a long -acting reversible contraceptive method. There are several methods. The subcutaneous buried implantation, hormone -containing health in the uterus, and injection of muscle injection similar to progesterone.

Some foreign scholars have done research and published a paper.The conclusion is that there is no side effect of female astronauts to take magnetic contraceptives to prevent ovulation in space, and there is no side effects to adopt reverse contraceptive methods.However, because there are not enough data to analyze the impact of these two methods on female astronauts for a long time, there is no exact result at present.

Female astronauts cannot have children when they return to the earth?

Liu Yang was married when he was in space, and Wang Yaping had been married. From here, it can be seen that the China Astronum Agency did not ask for a child when choosing a female astronaut.

However, when selecting female astronauts, it is indeed because of humanitarian considerations whether to give birth, because the environment in space is very different from the earth. We don’t know if radiation in space will affect women’s reproductive systems, so choose to chooseMarried and erected worries can be eliminated by female astronauts.

The delivery is to ensure the personal safety of female astronauts. In order to balance the air pressure in space, the blood vessels and the skin will rise and rise. If it is a cesarean section, women’s subcutaneous tissues and uterus will leave scars, and these scars will beIt will increase the risk of blood vessel rupture.

Two years after returning to the earth, Liu Yang successfully gave birth to a baby boy with her husband.There were also female astronauts abroad gave birth to a healthy baby one year after returning to Earth.It can be seen that female astronauts who stayed in space still have fertility.

However, after returning to the earth abroad, the female astronauts after returning to Earth were pregnant, either abortion or malformed children. This is because they are pregnant in the short term, or because they are too old.

Therefore, our country suggests that female astronauts should not get pregnant in the short term when they return.

At this time, many people suggested that the female astronauts are so troublesome to take space. Why should they choose female astronauts for space work?

Yang Yuguang, who enjoyed the honor in the international and Chinese aerospace fields, said that the existence of female astronauts is irreplaceable.The world is constantly exploring space to explore the relationship between human beings and origin. It is incomplete that only the experiment of the male astronauts on the space officer is incomplete.

Although men have advantages in power than women, women occupy more advantages in carefulness and language than men.And with the longer and longer flight in space, the psychological complementarity of men and women is also very important.

In addition, women’s participation in aerospace mission can also drive the technical development of women’s astronauts’ flight -related products and ground training. This will also have more data to help scientific researchers understand the psychological and physiological aspects of female astronauts when flying.Variety.

I believe that with the development of technology, there will be better technology to solve the physiological problems of women in space, and more and more female astronauts will board space. At that time, the world can see Chinese female astronauts.Good image in space.

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