Girls must love themselves, this medicine cannot be taken casually

A man asked his girlfriend to take this medicine once a week. Netizens commented that the medicine was not good at taking this medicine. The man said, "Anyway, I don’t marry her!"

This is angry!This man is too irresponsible. Emergency contraceptives can take up to three times a year. Excessive taking too much harm to the body, often taking emergency contraceptive pills may have a small menstrual flow or amenorrhea.Eat twice a month, and his girlfriend even listened to him!

One of my friends who married a second marriage man, his ex -wife died of illness, and a pair of children, who came out now. A few years ago, friends had a son after they got married.After the marriage, my friend’s husband did not want to take measures and had a mentality of being born with a mentality, but in recent years, the business has been bad for the economy, and the elderly on both sides cannot help bring their children.Although he is a mother -in -law, there are three children, so friends have never wanted a second child.

Friends and her husband are different places. Her husband only returned to the house once or two. Friends had taken two post -after -post medicines secretly, but she took the medicine and side effects very much. After a week, she came to the menstruation.Never eaten again.

Once I was pregnant unexpectedly, I went to the hospital to go away … Friends said that since she went to the birth ring, her husband said that the ring hurt his body. Later, they decided to go to the birth ring.

I accompanied her, and I was very familiar with this doctor.The doctor said that all colleagues in our hospital have been on the ring, and it is not more harmful to the flow of people.It was very simple. Men were willing to contraception. There was no such thing. The doctor came again, "The problem is that men don’t want to use a suit!"

There is also a female classmate who does not want children after marriage. She takes the medicine that can control the menstrual period for a long time. Finally, she wants to have a child without a child for several years. Girls still need to care for herself.Essence

There are also emergency contraceptives for remedy for failure, not as ordinary medicines. I really do n’t understand girls who have taken their own physical improper. This kind of medicine cannot be taken casually!

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