Girls’ aunt is postponed, how wonderful psychological activities are?Feeling all the symptoms are signs of pregnancy

Girls’ aunt is postponed, how wonderful psychological activities are? Netizens: Hahaha, each of them laughed at me!

When a girl with a boyfriend is postponed, their psychological state can be said to be very rich.

See what netizens say:

I often postponed for several days, and I was shocked. After 4 or 5 days, I was so nervous that I ran to buy test strips. After testing a bar, I came to my aunt that afternoon.Anyway, my aunt must waste more than 20 dollars for pregnancy test sticks every month, but I ca n’t buy it.This is probably life, let me cry first.

When the aunt was postponed for three days, I couldn’t sit completely and scolded my boyfriend scumbag.On the seventh day, I was disheartened, and I was prepared to be desperate directly, and I had to show up with my parents.And I secretly thought about the child’s name. One of the boys and girls, not only that, but even the primary school in the future.My boyfriend said that when I went to the hospital for examination, I refused to go, it was completely a state of expectant mothers.I really convinced himself, and after ten days, the aunt finally came.

Auntie is here, annoying!All kinds of uncomfortable!If you do n’t come to the day, you’re worried, feel all the symptoms are signs of pregnancy!As a result, Auntie arrived in horror.

My aunt has always been accurate. I ca n’t wait for 4 days. I tried the pregnancy test stick, like two bars, like a bar.I was embarrassed all morning and told my boyfriend that he might not be sure.Then I tried it again in the afternoon.Worried that I couldn’t sleep all night.The next day I went to the hospital to win the prize.Now I am going to wedding with her boyfriend, and Fengzi is married.

I found that I was pregnant for more than a month for the first time, I was born, and I was postponed for more than half a month. I was pregnant. LaterI was so scared that I thought I was going to be pregnant. As a result, I came yesterday.

As a minor like me, my girlfriends and classmates have been here, so I worry when I do n’t have it. I wo n’t get sick, I wo n’t be able to give birth.All kinds of inconvenience!Boys do not understand the pain of girls!

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