Girls are pregnant before marriage, in -laws do not give colorful gifts, girls break up, boys commit suicide


As people’s mind opens, love is becoming more and more free. Although love is free, marriage is not as free as we think, because marriage is a matter of two families, not a matter of two people.

Marriage was the sublimation of the love between the two. The two were willing to live with each other in their lives, and they were old -fashioned; the child was the crystallization of the two of them.

Many couples had already lived together before they got married, causing girls to get married when they were pregnant.After many girls are pregnant, they will become a little humble when they discuss with her in -laws.

What should I talk about with you today: What should I do if I do n’t give Cai Li before marriage?

Ms. Li:

I have a distant cousin. It was in the early 1990s. At that time, my thoughts were not very open. Liberty love was a relatively advanced thought.

The cousin worked in the Dongguan factory and met a boy. The two talked about it for three or four years together. The parents of both sides were also very satisfied with each other.

But when I was about to get married, my cousin was pregnant. After the man’s parents knew that my cousin was pregnant, he began to be unwilling to give this color gift. This incident talked several times. In the end, the man’s mother resolutely did not give the color gift to get married. He also said:Anyway, you are pregnant now, you are willing to end, and you will pull down.After listening, my cousin couldn’t get angry, and she secretly went to the hospital to abandon the hospital alone.After the abortion, the cousin called the boy and told him to break up.

The boy wanted to restore his cousin, but his cousin felt that the boy’s parents did not think about getting married at all.Even if you marry a boy, you will be angry in the future. Do n’t do it, such a mother -in -law, and because of this, the man has caused the cousin’s family to be ashamed in the village.

The boy went to his parents to go to theory, but the boy’s parents insisted that they were unwilling to give the gift. In the end, the boy was so angry that he had committed suicide by himself. He was taken to the hospital for rescue. He did not rescue him.

Ms. Liu:

The cousin was also pregnant before marriage, and was still twins.Both of them are only children, and they say that they are 60,000, and both sides also recognize this number.

However, the parents of the man’s family have been dragging on the marriage. The cousin has been pregnant for more than five months, but the man’s house has been dragging, and he also talks about three.

After the uncle knew, he went directly to the door of the man’s house and said: If you don’t want to get married, say early, don’t think that we are asking you as you, and you will find one better after you get a fetus. Don’t want to get married.Marry your family daughter.

After speaking, I left. The next day, the man’s family hurriedly got the money to my uncle’s family to make a family date. In order to prevent his girlfriend from getting angry in the past, the man’s family had a gift of 50,000 yuan and let me dunch.The sister brought all of them, and then married 100,000 yuan to the cousin, and there were more partners than the men’s family.

Ms. Zhang:

My husband and I started to fall in love with junior high school. I was pregnant two years after graduating from junior high school.At first I didn’t want much, and felt that I was too young.

My husband felt that the fetus would hurt my body like this, and I didn’t want to let me fight, so I said frankly with my parents, and finally my parents agreed to get married.

Before marriage, my husband told me that he still had foreign debt at home. Cai Li should be a little less.I know that their homes are more difficult. The three golds and diamond rings of marriage are not bought. Cai Li originally cost 60,000, and in the end it only took 20,000.

When they got married, they discussed each other according to the customs of both parties. Both of them also said in the face. When I got married, my parents married me 8,000.Selling a daughter.

How much is the gift?It is nothing more than in the village that it ’s just a bit good -looking, and there is nothing except for face.

Marriage is the most important thing. Now happiness is more than one year old. After giving birth to a child, he has some depression.We had noisy between the two of us. Over the trouble, all the way to stumbling all the way to this way. At present, the two of us get along well.

Those men who do not give Cai Li before marriage, I think it is a good thing not to marry the past, because when I encounter such my in -laws, they will be guilty even if they get married.

End words:

Cai Li is a matter of marriage agreed on both parties. We can save some things, but we cannot save some things.Wedding gifts can be given less, but they must not be given. For those men who are "robbed by the fire" because they are pregnant, they are unwilling to give Cai Li. Such such people will not marry, even if they marry, they will be guilty.

In order to avoid such tragedies like this, the most secure way is to avoid sexual behavior as much as possible. Even if you have sexual behavior, you must take safety measures. Although pre -marital pregnancy can test men’s character, but for health, it is better to take risks.Essence

Dear officials, are you pregnant before you get married?What about the man’s family?Welcome to share a message.

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