Girls’ 14 -year -old pregnancy produce a child. Is premature pregnancy harm to women?

It is said that women have children to be born at the right age. Breeding is one of the most important changes in women’s life. Prematureness will not only have a negative impact on women’s bodies, but also bring huge changes to their lives.

Now it is generally advocated that eugenics and eugenics are promoted, and late childbirth.However, it is inevitable that some rural backward areas are generally believed that women get married early and earlier, and the earlier, the more fertility can reflect the value of their women.In our opinion, although the marriage age stipulated by the national law is twenty years old, there are still too early to have children at the age of 20, and many women in the workplace choose to wait for their careers to wait for their careers to wait for their careers.Life has been stable before making birth.

In Jinping, Yunnan, 14 -year -old girl Xiaomin, and 18 -year -old Ahe, don’t look at their age in the flower season, but they are already expectant mothers who have been pregnant for eight months and have a three -month birth.Baby.

Do they have children so early, do they live in their bodies?I believe that parents will have this question. Girls of this age should not go to school and be held in the palm of their palms by their parents?

But in the local area, this phenomenon is not uncommon, and it can even be said to be very common.According to the locals, since the ancestors, the customs have always been the case. It has not changed because of modern civilization, and the locals have failed to get out of the premature fertility.The social status of local women is very low. Most of them are born to give birth. After a few years, they will be forced to drop out of school and get married and have children.

In fact, not only in Jin Ping, nationwide, such news is endless. Many people have been affected by feudal thoughts. So far, it is unclear that premature fertility is greatly harmful to women’s bodies.So how much will premature fertility affect women?

1. Affects the normal body development of women

According to the latest survey, women’s average fertility age is close to 30 years. At this time, the physical and mental of expectant mothers is mature enough.Essence

Premature fertility will seriously hurt women’s bodies. At this time, women’s bodies are still in the developmental stage, and many functional systems of the body have not been perfected. In the process of continuous self -improvement, they have been greatly damaged by fertility.Women’s life will be affected by it, and it is easy to fall into the root cause.

2. Unbearable in my heart

The age of the flowering season should be the happiest time in women’s life, but premature fertility has forced them to over -bear the pressure brought by the mind and body.The status quo of life is forcing them to mature prematurely, but due to the loss of natural transition, it is likely that they will cause spiritual damage to them, and it is more likely to cause depression and nicknant emotions.

3. Baby development in the abdomen is blocked

Premature fertility will not only be severely blocked by the mother’s body, but the baby in the belly will not be able to develop normally because it does not get enough nutrition.As we all know, the development of female reproductive systems must be at least 16 years old, and some late -mature women will be postponed longer. Premature fertility will not only affect the normal development of the reproductive system, but also affect the baby’s development.

Late birth and late childbearing is not a necessary fertility condition, but for women, early birth and early childbearing will bring too much pressure. After fertility, women will be more powerful due to huge physical consumption, and they will also cause huge hugeness to the future of life in the future.Influence.

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