Gifts of nature, seasonal seasonings, natural fragrance mountain pepper

There is a kind of food, which should be said to be a seasoning. As long as you fall in love with this taste, it is difficult to give up. If you ca n’t stop it, you will respect it if you do n’t like it.

Full green mountain peppercorns

Friends who grew up in the countryside should often see it in the mountains and wilds. A kind of small tree wood is cut into firewood. The leaves, flowers, and fruits all exude a mysterious smell.As a result, it is similar to the taste of camphor tree. It is smaller than peppercorns. Yes, it is mountain pepper, and some places are also called wooden ginger. Many people are obsessed with its taste. If there is no mountain pepper in the dishes, I feel that eating is not fragrant., Has the reputation of "Mountain Mountain Demon".


In the summer morning, when the sun rises, the mountain pepper on the hillside is bathed under the sun, and a string of clusters of cyan fruits are shining under the golden sunlight, which is particularly happy.People will step forward to the branches and leaves, fold the whole branches, put them in the basket and take it home. The family chats together while chatting, and it is very comfortable and comfortable.

The mountain pepper branches of the branches and leaves are taken home

Fresh mountain pepper

The picked mountain pepper can be eaten as snacks, or you can add some salt to eat, noodles, bibimbap, cold mixing, simple, appetizing and delicious;It is fried chicken, duck and goose meat, which can not only remove the fishy, but also fresh and fragrant. The sweetness of the poultry is accompanied by the strong flavor of the pepper.It is endless.At the same time, it can also neutralize the coldness of duck meat, and friends with cold body can also enjoy the deliciousness with confidence.

The bottle of mountain pepper sauce and mountain pepper oil

Fresh picked mountain pepper will change color without treatment, and clever people will make them into mountain pepper oil, or make mountain pepper sauce with other condiments such as pepper, garlic ginger.When you eat mountain pepper, when you need to come to a spoon at any time, everything can be made, convenient, fast and delicious.

Universal mountain pepper sauce

The weather is hot, cold dishes are tight, mountain pepper is the soul of cold dishes, mountain pepper mixes beef belly, mountain pepper mixing beef -leaves, mountain pepper beef, mountain pepper chicken feet, is it drooling?

Mountain pepper oil mixing hair belly

It is a bit complicated to say the taste of mountain pepper.At the beginning, it may be a little bit of brain, not the strong impact of mustard, but it can instantly wake up the taste buds, refreshing and appetizing.Compared with peppercorns, its taste is pure, only spicy and numb.As soon as the hot oil is poured, the aroma of the pepper is filled with the entire room, refreshing and spleen, which is wonderful.In many places in Hunan, Guizhou, mountain pepper is particularly popular because its domineering fragrance and spicy taste can detoxify and dehumidify.

Shan pepper stir -fry beef

In recent years, there have been endless food products that have joined mountain pepper, and more and more of the catering industry in various places have used mountain pepper.I believe that in the near future, more people will like the taste of pepper on the mountain. Chinese people who love food will also use mountain pepper to make more and more amazing food.

Mountain pepper fried chicken

Mountain pepper is not only delicious, but its medicinal value should not be underestimated. Bark, fruits, leaves, and roots are medicinal; wood can be used as furniture, leaves and peels can be scent oil; oil can be used as soap and lubricant, which is rural areas.Very important crop.

Because of its erectability and dark green leaves, redness in autumn, and not falling in winter, it has high ornamental value and can be used for hedge.

Shan pepper not only stimulates our taste buds, but also helps to health. You can still be pleasing to the eye at home. Is this kind of mountain pepper?

Mountain pepper trees bloom




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