Garlic is "the king of anti -cancer"?Let’s eat that effect can "ignore it"

Garlic is an indispensable condiment in our family life, or a natural antibiotic, which has an auxiliary treatment effect on the infection caused by various bacteria, and the disease caused by the virus.Some people even say that this garlic can fight cancer is "the king of anti -cancer", so is this true?

Reporter Liu Chang:

In the past two years, there has been a statement about garlic anti -inflammatory and anti -cancer. Have you heard of it?Today, the reporter also randomly interviewed several citizens to hear what everyone said.

Changchun citizen:

I have never thought about this problem. I think it may have a certain role, that is, there may be some nutrients in it, which has a certain inhibitory effect on cancer, but I think it is just a rumor, and then everyone is easier to everyone.believe.

Changchun citizen:

I haven’t heard it. I heard my mother said that I haven’t got any scientific arguments, so I don’t think it is credible.

Changchun citizen:

Maybe when we eat every day, it is mainly through this garlic flavor. I personally feel uncomfortable.

During the interview, the reporter found that most young people felt that garlic anti -cancer was not scientifically verified, but some elderly people felt that eating garlic was useful.So, is it helpful to fight cancer against cancer?Today, the reporter also consulted the doctor.

Leng Yan, chief physician of the Department of Liver, spleen and stomach disease in Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

One of my teachers has done an experiment, that is, always eating garlic, which does have a certain auxiliary treatment effect on Helicobacter pylori.But we say that garlic also needs to pay attention to eating. Generally speaking, it is necessary to cut oxidation before it can quickly produce garlic. Harlicin has a good effect, but the amount is still very small. That is, we usually eat it.This garlic cannot reach the amount we need to treat at all.

According to the doctor’s explanation, marsea is not equal to garlic. There are very few garlic in a complete garlic, and if the boiling time exceeds 5 minutes, then mitans may be completely decomposed.Even if the garlic is raw, it is placed in the air for 15 minutes after chopping. The garlic in the garlic is combined with oxygen under the action of the garlic, and the content of garlic is also minimal. From the physical amount we eat, the garlic is the garlic.It is impossible to achieve an effective drug concentration with anti -cancer effects.

Leng Yan, chief physician of the Department of Liver, spleen and stomach disease in Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

You have to treat it specifically as an anti -cancer food, and it is a bit over. We should not listen too much about these rumors.In fact, we must have a good life, diet, exercise, mood, and good immunity.Following a regular diet and sleeping well, this is the cornerstone of our health.I hope everyone has a good habit and a good body.

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