Full skin care strategy during pregnancy, no skin care after pregnancy, 3 years old after giving birth

After becoming a mother, a woman’s life has changed dramatically.

Moms who were good at skin care, when facing a lot of skin care products, will still be at a loss.For the health of the baby, many mothers simply give up skin care and face the face of radiation, ultraviolet rays, and haze.

In fact, mothers do not have to make such a sacrifice at all.

Reasonable skin care during pregnancy can not only make the fetus healthy, but also keep yourself away from the skin and turn black.

In order to allow novice mothers to take less detours on the question of "how to skin care during pregnancy", I asked a few gynecologists and gynecologists, and at the same time checked a lot of information. It took a week to write this.

Help mothers understand how scientific skin care, give specific skin care suggestions during pregnancy, and hopes to do their best to help everyone.Will skin care products be absorbed by the baby during pregnancy?How should the three principles of skin care during pregnancy be properly skin care?Can pregnant women make up?How to choose cosmetics during pregnancy?What’s going on with stretch marks?Frequently Asked Questions

The tissue structure and nutritional structure of the skin during pregnancy will change greatly, which has an irreversible effect on the damage of the skin.If pregnant women miss the best time to skin care, it is often difficult to remedy later.Therefore, skin care during pregnancy is important.

Some mothers are worried that the use of skin care products will be absorbed by the fetus. Let’s take a look at how the baby absorbs nutrition in the mother’s belly: the arterial blood vessels of the mother during pregnancy are squeezed, the blood is squeezed to the umbilical cord, and the fetus absorbs nutrition through the umbilical cord.Human skin is divided into three layers. These three layers are epidermal layers, dermal layers and subcutaneous tissues.Arterial blood vessels are tissue under the subcutaneous tissue, and the dermis layer only has very small capillaries.The skin care products are mainly infiltrated in the epidermis layer, and the dermis layer is difficult to enter. Skin care products and arterial blood vessels are not directly connected. Therefore, skin care products generally do not reach the baby by the umbilical cord through the arterial blood vessels.

Therefore, the correct use of skin care products during pregnancy will not hurt the fetus.

Which ingredients cannot be used?

Vitamin A.

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Oral vitamin acid has a clear teratogenic effect. It has not been clearly concluded whether the external vitamin A teratide is deferred, but it is also used as a prescription medicine to clarify that pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers are disabled.

Class A derivatives that can be used in skin care products are vitamin A and vitamin A.Although the amount of these two skin absorbs is very small, it is not recommended to use pregnant women in principle for safety considerations.

Salicylic acid

Salmonic acid is a close relative of aspirin (acetyl salicylic acid).Since Aspirin has a clear effect in animal experiments, but has not yet concluded that it has not yet concluded that the drug classification of the FDA in the United States belongs to Class C. Pregnant women need to consider cautiously.

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However, there is another saying that intake of aspirin can affect the coagulation function of pregnant women and babies.

Although the amount of salicylic acid in the body is very small in the body, it is still the same. If you pay special attention, avoid it.


Benzhenone-3 is a chemical sunscreen.Although there is no clear conclusion at this time, some studies believe that it is easy to cause allergies, and it may cause harm to the body and have a greater controversy.

▲ From "Cosmetics Safety Technical Specification (2015 Edition)"

Although both the European Union and China are allowed to use it, they both require that this component must be indicated on the label.However, the main use of this ingredient is the sunscreen in the United States.

Another website is recommended: COSDNA. Here you can cure skin care component tables and its characteristics.

① Simple effect

Skin care during pregnancy requires only one effect: hydration and moisturizing.Do not use skin care products such as whitening, freckle, anti -wrinkle, anti -aging and other effects.Therefore, no matter which brand of cosmetics is used, the basic series of hydrating and moisturizing is basically enough.

② Skin care steps Simple facial cleanser, wash face refreshing, lotion and other hydrating eye cream emulsion or cream moisturizing before going out to sunscreen

When choosing lotion and cream, if the skin is dry, you can use cream or emulsion to add cream; if you don’t dry, use lotion.

Can pregnant mothers use sunscreen?

Can.During pregnancy, it is prone to pregnancy spots. If you do not pay attention to sun protection, ultraviolet rays in the sun are more likely to induce pregnancy spots.Sunscreen is different from ordinary skin care products. The harmful ingredients entering the pregnant mother’s body are very small. The sun protection products of regular brands can generally be used with confidence.

Sunscreen can use pure physical sunscreen containing titanium dioxide or zinc oxide, go out to do hard sunscreen, conceal umbrella, hat, sunglasses band ~

Basic skin care is done normally, what you usually use can be used now.Because the changes in hormones during pregnancy are greatly impact on the state, the skin is more likely to dry or oil out, pigmentation, and pigmentation, so cleaning, moisturizing and sun protection are the top priority.

If you are worried about the safety of skin care products, you can save these 3 points … The baby must be fine, but your face may be wrong.

Functional skin care products of whitening and anti -aging can also be used. Just avoid vitamin A, vitamin A, vitamin A, and salicylic acid.

Do not dye hair and make makeup, the most important thing is to use skin care products with quality!


But pay attention to these four basic principles.

Cosmetics must choose regular brands. The products are more guaranteed. Some miscellaneous brands may have harmful ingredients such as lead, pigments, flavors, and pregnant mothers.

Isolation, BB cream, eyebrow pencil, mascara, lip balm can be used.Do not use other highlights, loose powder, blush.

Can pregnant mothers use lipstick?

It is best not to use it. If you want to use it, it is recommended to use natural organic and pregnant women.

Be sure to remove makeup carefully.Common makeup remover products in the market are generally available, such as the mild models such as the facetime specialties, Birou, etc., as well as the facial cleanser such as beautiful Govefen and Piece Mi.

Pregnant mothers should not make up every day, especially try not to make up as much as possible in the early pregnancy.After 3 months, the baby has strong resistance. Pregnant mothers can buy regular brands and make makeup.

Kangaroo mice, pro -Run, October mummy, etc., can choose with confidence.However, it is also said that the gimmicks of this special brand for pregnant women are more actual than the actual role.Therefore, there is no need to replace all skin care products with a special brand for pregnant women.Many brands of basic moisturizing series can be used with confidence. When choosing skin care products, you must look at the ingredient table and carefully screen.Perfume: Musk hair removal agent: chemical product wind oil essence: camphor flower dew water: alcohol, musk, etc.

These products and ingredients have different degrees of damage to pregnant mothers and fetal treasures, and try not to use it.

Due to the impact of hormones and abdomen and other parts during pregnancy, the pregnant mother expands rapidly, causing the skin’s elastic fiber and collagen fibers to cause a certain damage and break. The abdominal skin is thin and thinner.Stretch marks are irreversible. Once they are generated, they will not disappear, so pregnant mothers should do a good job of prevention.

The abdomen, the inner and outer side of the thigh, the hip, chest, back waist, and upper side of the arms are prone to gaining weight and long meat.Control weight: Do not grow too fast, the amplitude is not large, and the uniform weight gains, it will not be long or less long stretch marks use professional skin care products: when the regular brand prevention of stretch marks products use: 4 months of pregnancy to 4 postpartum 4~ 6 months of dosage must be used for daily use

1. Should shampoos use maternal and infants?

Common brands in the market are basically available, but do not use dandruff shampoo, which is not good for the development of fetal babies.

2. How to choose the bath liquid?

Formally regular brands can be.It is best not to use it every day. It is recommended to use it once the next day.

3. Can I only endure being bitten by a mosquito?

You can apply papaya cream by mosquito, or you can apply toothpaste to relieve itching.

4. Can pregnant mothers use lip balm?

If it is not very greasy, it can be used in moderation.

5. What should I do if my skin is dry in the early pregnancy?

Water milk and other hydrating products can also be used in the early stages of pregnancy, and they should be used. They cannot be allowed to be self -flow, but pay attention to product components.

6. Is it occasional makeup during pregnancy?

Can.Occasionally makeup can make the mother feel good, it is recommended not to turn too thick.

7. Can pregnant women apply masks?

Can.Choose regular brands and moisturizing effects.It is recommended to choose a smear mask, and the flake mask may have fluorescent agents.

8. Can pregnant mothers use essential oil skin care products?

Some skin care products with essential oils are available and unavailable.

Essential oils that are absolutely disabled in pregnant women: Lales, Birch, Cedar, Fen alem, Fennel, Nutmeal, Cymena, Mustang, Luowen Sandy, Rosemary, Sage, Baili, Du Song, Patsuma, Marine Lan, Happy Mouse Tail HerosaEssence

Pregnant women can use essential oils: peaceful incense, Yilan, geranium, iris, jasmine (will promote uterine contraction, avoid use in the early stages of pregnancy), lavender, orange, orange flower, rose, night incense, no medicine, sandalwood, frankincense.

For sensitive pregnant women, it is recommended to avoid all essential oil skin care products to avoid discomfort such as pregnancy vomiting.

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