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By the way, what to eat during pregnancy

In the early pregnancy, I reacted with a bad pregnancy and didn’t want to eat anything. I just liked to eat various fruits.Going to the hospital for a doctor also recommends eating more fruits, health products are not recommended to eat, but the doctor said that eating one egg and an apple every day!IntersectionIntersectionBut I just can’t eat apples, I feel that I want my life!IntersectionIntersectionSo pregnant mothers who can eat apples must insist on one apple every day!IntersectionIntersection

I just eat a variety of fruits, eat more, and eat a little bit of food. I still have to pay more attention!Especially the large amount of sugar, cold and hot fruits should still pay less attention to eat less.

Such as ⬇ ️

Guiyuan, hawthorn, watermelon, cantaloupe, durian, mulberry, persimmon, jackfruit, banana, pineapple, lychee, sugar cane, longan, red dates, mango, etc.

However, some fruits can make mothers more beautiful and healthy baby. Recommend a few fruits for pregnant women to raise tires:

1⃣️ Grape (Anti -fetal doctor, is beneficial to fetal development, rumors will have big eyes after eating baby)

2⃣️ Orange (rich vitamin C, preventing high blood pressure during pregnancy, I also ate a lot, I didn’t take pictures)

3⃣️ Jiwi (rich in vitamin C, can supplement folic acid, reduce melanin precipitation, baby’s skin fairness)

4⃣️ Cherry Caliba (Iron Queen, prevent iron deficiency anemia, also enhances immunity, and has a beautiful skin care effect)

5⃣️ Fire Dragon Fruit (including iron, solve constipation first -level sticks)

6⃣️ Grapefruit (rich in various nutrients, not fat)

7⃣️ Grandlord Fruit (commonly known as small tomato for blood sugar and weight stability)

8⃣️ Coconut (Drink more coconut juice in the later pregnancy, one can make up amniotic fluid every day, it is best to drink fresh coconut juice)

9⃣️ Apple (King of Fruit, eat one daily)

Pay attention ⚠️

1⃣️ Fruits are good things, but they can’t eat too much.The supplement of fruits should not exceed 500 grams per day. Try to choose fruits with low sugar content as much as possible.Too much will cause obesity and gestational diabetes during pregnancy.

2⃣️ Fruit is best to eat 1 hour before meal/2 hours after meal. Eat fruit immediately after meals. Pregnant women are prone to flatulence and constipation. It is best to eat afternoon tea time.

3⃣️ Pregnant women who like to eat fruits very much, it is best to go to the hospital for regular blood glucose measurement to avoid gestational diabetes.

4⃣️ Try to choose seasonal fruits, there are not so many preservatives.

5⃣️ Fruit contains fermented sugar. It is best to rinse your mouth after eating fruit to protect your teeth.

6⃣️ Common sense: Fruits should be washed and eaten. Do not use a kitchen knife to cut fruit.

In fact, it is really hard during pregnancy. Special pregnancy vomiting is more painful. Sometimes, if you want to eat some fruits, eat it, but you must control the amount.Just make a lot of food every day, just eat fruits to eat ~

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