From a female to a man, the merchant of the 3800 yuan transition medicine said that it can give birth to a boy?The story behind it is shocking

The secret recipe can make the fetus from a woman to a man. This kind of "Tire Divine Pharmaceutical" that has been circulated in the people is now hidden in the Internet.On January 13, Mao News Jun contacted a number of merchants selling "tires" on the Internet.A shop owner said that as long as the secret recipe is taken according to the instructions, the success rate of a boy is not less than 90 %, and the price of a set of secret recipes is 3800 yuan.In addition, another shop also introduced the news that can test the gender of the fetus. The price of a box ranges from 168 yuan to 188 yuan.

Recently, the reporter noticed that pregnant women have claimed that they have taken "tires" in a variety of pregnancy and parenting apps.A mother who claimed to have the "two female treasures" said that when she was pregnant with her third child, she was afraid of her mother -in -law and drank the "rectification medicine".Some women claimed that because they wanted a boy, they took the "transition medicine" at 42 days of pregnancy, but the girl was born in the end.

Some women said that they regretted that they were taken to take the "transition medicine", and some people reported that they encountered the situation that "mother -in -law asked to eat tires" -Some people refused to take it, and some people found that the medicine was secretly placed in the meals.

The rumors and blows on "Men’s Divine Medicine" have never stopped for decades, but it has never disappeared.On a preparation APP, some netizens initiated votes, and 14%of them still chose to believe the effect of "tire medicine".

The reporter’s investigation found that behind this was a group of "illegal medicine" hidden in the provinces.Some people who sell "Bao Sheng Bo" some are fortune -telling, some are prescribing rural clinics, some of which have 5 daughters themselves, and some people use new reproductive technology to provide services.They exist in villages or cities in Henan, Shandong, Guangxi and other provinces. Those "magic medicines" are sent to pregnant women around the country through online shopping platforms.

The stories behind the "Tire Medicine" buying and seller are shocking

No one can say how long the medicine claims to be "baicked with a boy".At least 1,700 years ago, there were relevant records in the ancient Jin Dynasty books.In recent years, although many doctors have shot short videos that exposed the "Tire Pill" scam, the media has also reported many cases of pregnant women in various places to take "tires" to give birth to abnormal babies.The rumors and blows on "Men’s Divine Medicine" have never stopped for decades, but it has never disappeared.On a preparation APP, some netizens initiated votes, and 14%of them still chose to believe the effect of "tire medicine".

On January 8, 2021, a media reported that a 28 -year -old woman who was born of her mother -in -law and encountered her husband derailed as "recovering a failed marriage and wanting to have a son", so he bought an e -commerce platform that he claimed to have no side effects on an e -commerce platform."Tire medicine" without use of full refund.After taking the medicine for a few months, the woman gave birth to a girl. After that, she began to have a lot of adverse reactions, including the more and more vigorous body hair, often stomachache, menopause, etc. The doctor diagnosed her ovarian syndrome.

In 2012, in Zhumadian, Henan, a child took the tire medicine because his mother took the tire medicine during pregnancy.Female reproductive organs "; In 2019, in Huai’an, Anhui, a 15 -year -old girl was found" lack of uterine and one side of the ovary. "

The reporter’s investigation found that behind this was a group of "illegal medicine" hidden in the provinces.Some people who sell "Bao Sheng Bo" some are fortune -telling, some are prescribing rural clinics, some of which have 5 daughters themselves, and some people use new reproductive technology to provide services.They exist in villages or cities in Henan, Shandong, Guangxi and other provinces. Those "magic medicines" were sent to pregnant women around the country through express delivery.

Those who sell "Tire Medicine"

In January 2021, a woman surnamed Zhou, a surname of Zhou, Changle County, Weifang City, Shandong Province, told reporters that she had a "born boy" Chinese medicine pill in her hands. She has passed on the five generations and has more than a thousand buyers each year.A man who claimed to live in Dengzhou, Henan Province, named Li Jincha anchor, told reporters that he could guarantee that pregnant women would "change their tires within 40 days of pregnancy."

When the reporter said that his wife was pregnant and contacted Li Jin anchor, he first "calculated a hexagram", and told reporters half an hour later: "95 % are girls!"

He told reporters that within 40 days of pregnancy, the fetus’s genitals have not yet been formed, "it is yin and yang."The secret recipe he provided can allow the fetus to grow the boy’s genitals, "100 % effective".The "tire medicine" in his hand consists of more than 10 flavors of Chinese herbal medicine. Some medicines need to go to the mountains for a total cost of 5,000 yuan.

Later, on the phone, Li Jingu said that his hometown was in Shiyan, Hubei, and now settled in Dengzhou.About 30 years ago, in order to hide the "superb", he fled to Henan and met a person who rumored his secret recipe and was called "fairy".After the death of "Fairy" in 2008, he began to sell "Tire Pill".

Those medicine sellers always point the source of the secret recipe towards a mysterious "master".Another man selling "tire medicine" claimed that he spent 160,000 yuan and learned the "scientific student and women’s law" from a master who was in Qingdao.The advertising business card he posted on the WeChat circle of friends wrote "the apprentice".His name is Li Fengchuan, born in 1988, from Feixian, Shandong.

He claims that drinking the secret recipe in his hand can control the gender of the fetus.According to his statement, after the woman is pregnant, she only needs to boil the two -flavored wild traditional Chinese medicinal materials into soup, and "drink a bite."The price of a boy’s medicine is different from the price of a girl. The boy charges 50,000 yuan and the girl charges 10,000 yuan.He is willing to sign the compensation agreement. If he gave birth to a boy after taking the medicine, he would compensate 1 million yuan.

"The girl is someone else, and the boy is his own." Li Fengyuan said in Mandarin with dialects.

He told reporters that his wife was pregnant again in 2015. It was the third year of their marriage. His daughter was 3 years old. He wanted a boy and asked about the secret recipe of the male man in Feixian.Later, he met the master who sold this secret recipe at the bus station.The consequences of his wife had a boy.He started to sell this medicine everywhere.

Li Fengchuan claims that in the past five years, his medicine helped 3 boys and 1 girl.Those who came to find him, including decoration, selling roast chicken, selling pork, most of them have two or three girls.

"The moment sperm and eggs are combined, the gender of the fetus is determined." Wang Xingling, director of the obstetrics and gynecology department of Henan Provincial Maternal and Child Health Hospital, told reporters that the truth of the fetus could not be changed.But she often encounters the consultant’s request to choose the gender of the fetus.Recently, she also received a call from an acquaintance. There were two girls in the family who wanted a boy and asked if she could use some medicine.

Wang Xingling told the China Youth News · China reporters that she had met a woman who almost kneeled her in order to give birth to a boy.

The woman claimed that she had no status at home because she didn’t have a boy."She worked outside and made money by herself. She didn’t dare to go home. When she returned to the village, her mother -in -law took her brick." Wang Xingling said.The woman told Wang Xingling that her daughter in her junior high school said, "Grandma is not good for you, Dad hit you, then isn’t it okay for you to give him a boy."

Wang Xingling was uncomfortable, but she couldn’t help it. Later, the woman left.The hospital is equipped with a psychological counselor to guide the psychological obstacles of such consultants.

But those who sell "Bao Sheng Bo" are extremely confident in having a boy.

Liang Shaoyuan, Wuzhou, Guangxi, has specially built a website called "Male Treasure", claiming that he used his ancestral Chinese medicine secret recipe.He told reporters that those who are pregnant need a cock who has not been cast as a pitch for 3,800 yuan.

His WeChat circle of friends showed a case of buyers from nearly 20 provinces including Guangxi, Shanghai, Sichuan and other provinces in 2020.He told reporters that almost 1,000 people bought his medicine on WeChat, mostly post -80s and post -90s, "90 % must be successful (gave birth to a boy)."The principle of drugs cannot be explained.

During the interview, some of those who sold the "Bao Sheng Bo", some said that their medicine had no side effects, and some people would say "you can eat if you believe it if you believe it."

A girl said angrily on the Internet that when she grew up, she knew that her mother had taken "tire medicine" when she was pregnant with her.

Never disappear for many years

Most of the time, the "tire medicine" enters the public view, which is related to the "gender deformity".

According to doctors, the "tire medicine" on the market can be divided into two types. One is the use ofrogen, such as methyl testicide, and the other is Chinese herbal medicine or recipe.No matter what kind of "tire medicine", it will not help to have a boy, and it will be harmful to pregnant women and fetuses.

Professor He Fangfang, founder of the Reproductive Medicine Center of Beijing Xiehe Hospital for more than 40 years, has encountered a case of gender malformations caused by taking "tire medicine".It was about 21 years ago. He Fang was responsible for the gynecological endocrine ward at Xiehe Hospital and saw a "boy" squatting.

"’His’ question is not to stand in urine like other boys. We found that the child’s chromosome found that the child was actually a girl."In fact, it is a little skin that protrudes from the vaginal opening. "

Later, the side learned that the parents of the children were a rural couple. After they had two girls, they wanted a boy. "(Early pregnancy) took a medicine to say that it could make the girl a boy.Pharmaceuticals are actually methyl testicide.After the child was born, "they think they are boys, they are raised according to the boy, and they are also dressed as boys."

A paper published in the Journal of China Medical University has summarized 342 cases of female pseudo -sex deformities from 1994 to 2009. The cause is mainly congenital adrenal hyperplasia, but 33 of which (9.65%) patients (9.65%) patients were mainly patient.During pregnancy, my mother took drugs with androgen, such as methyl testosterone.

Earlier studies have shown that pregnant women take drugs withrogens during pregnancy may cause maleization of female fetuses.There are also pregnant women who have aborted fetal abortion after taking "tires".Even after vulva plastic surgery, after the patient is discharged, it may need to adjust the residence and school to restore the social gender, and children may not be able to have children in the future.

Further reading: 15 -year -old girl for alid for life is suspected because her mother takes "tire medicine" during pregnancy

On July 18, 2019, Ms. Sun (Hua’s surname) working in Huai’an took her daughter Xiaoru (pseudonym) to Huai’an Maternal and Child Health Hospital for treatment.Xiaoru was 15 years old and had entered adolescence, but he never had a regular leave in the future, which made the mother and daughter frowning.

The test results showed that the kidneys on the side of Xiaoru were lacking. Without the uterus, there were only one ovarian, and sex hormones and thyroid function were normal.Shi Wei, a adolescent health doctor in Huai’an Maternal and Child Health Hospital, diagnosed, Xiaoru suffers from MRKH syndrome. This disease belongs to a rare genital tract development deformity. Most of them are caused by their mother’s contact with radiation or abuse of drugs, genetic mutations and other reasons.In short, Xiaoru has no fertility.

After further communication with the mother and daughter, Shi Wei learned that Xiaoru’s mother hoped to have a boy. When she was pregnant, she ate the so -called transition medicine. She hoped to control the gender of the child.It is most likely the cause of the development of the children’s reproductive tract deformity. "

Shi Wei said that the moment the sperm and egg were combined, the sex of the baby was already a foregone. It was impossible to change the gender through drugs in the later period.

Experts remind that the so -called "tire medicine" usually contains a large number of male hormones. Moms of expectant mothers cannot believe rumors to avoid hurting themselves and fetuses.If the family members suffer from suffering, the child’s own pain and the difficulties of life are even more difficult to estimate.

(Original title: "Tire medicine" in the hidden corner: Some mother -in -law secretly put in meals) Source: Beiwan New Vision Comprehensive China Youth Daily Litchi News Process Edit: TF021

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