Frequent urination and pregnancy are normal. Don’t worry, but 4 major symptoms should be vigilant

"Wife, why do you go to the toilet again? Didn’t you just arrived 10 minutes ago?"

"I don’t know what’s going on recently, I have lived in the bathroom."

After three years of love with his wife, Mr. Wang successfully received a certificate of marriage.Shortly after marriage, they found the advent of small lives. Because there was no fertility experience, the couple had always been very careful and for fear of something unexpected.In addition to the previous three months, Mrs. Wang’s pregnancy reaction was stronger, and the results of the pregnancy test were normal.

But over time, Mrs. Wang had obvious frequent symptoms in the late pregnancy. Even at night, she had to go 2-3 times at night, and joked with her husband that she lived in the bathroom.But the joke was joking, and Mr. Wang couldn’t rest assured that he took his wife to the hospital for examination and consult the doctor.

After the doctor understood the situation of Mrs. Wang, the husband and wife did not need to be too nervous.And told them that many mothers will have a series of common discomfort symptoms during pregnancy, but they will disappear by themselves after childbirth, so do not worry too much.

Many newlywed families are looking forward to the arrival of new lives, and expectant parents will bring 10,000 % love to wait for the advent of new life.However, many people who have not experienced do not understand that the pregnancy process is not as good as imagined, because pregnancy may cause various discomfort symptoms.

First of all, pregnancy vomiting is the most headache and most common problem for many pregnant mothers.

It is the most common type of early pregnancy reactions because of the changes in estrogen, progesterone, and chorionic gonad hormone in women during pregnancy.

Generally speaking, pregnancy vomiting can be affected by the external environment such as food smell, so many pregnant mothers often have different degrees of pregnancy symptoms when they smell too irritating.

However, pregnant mothers don’t have to be too sad, because in general, most of the pregnancy reactions appear in the early stages of pregnancy (3 months before pregnancy), and the middle and late stages will gradually disappear.

However, if the symptoms of long time and high frequency, be alert to pregnancy, and go to the hospital for examination in time to avoid affecting the health of maternal and infants.

Secondly, frequent urination is also a common symptom of discomfort after pregnancy.

Many people say: "Ten pregnant women, nine frequent urination", what is the reason?In fact, frequent urination during pregnancy belongs to normal physiological changes, especially in early pregnancy and early pregnancy.

Many people know that bladder is an organ that stores urine.

Under normal circumstances, the uterus and the bladder exist in the pelvic cavity, and the position is similar.When pregnant mothers are pregnant for 2-3 months, increasing fetal fetuses will lead to increased uterus and compress the bladder, which will lead to a decrease in urine storage in the bladder organs and frequent urination symptoms.

As the uterus continues to increase, in the middle of pregnancy, it will enter the abdominal position. At this time, the bladder is less pressured, so the frequency of pregnant mothers at this stage gradually become normal.However, in the third trimester, as the fetal volume increase, the bladder and peripheral nerves of the pelvic cavity will be compressed again, and frequent urination or even leakage of urine occur.

Furthermore, farting is also one of the embarrassing situations of pregnant mothers.

There are many reasons for the increase in farting frequencies during pregnancy. Among them, the increase of hormones such as progesterone in pregnant mothers will seriously affect the peristalsis of the mother’s gastrointestinal tract, causing a large amount of food to accumulate in the intestine, causing microbial fermentation to produce gas and excrete the body.

The continuous increase in uterus has also increased the frequency of fart to a certain extent.Because the uterus may compress the stomach in the process of growing, inhibit its peristalsis, it will also cause gastrointestinal accumulation, and the embarrassing situation of fart frequency will increase.

In addition, many pregnant mothers have drowsiness during pregnancy.

Under normal circumstances, adults sleep 7-9 hours a day to meet human needs.However, for many pregnant mothers, they often feel sleepy during pregnancy. They can get 9-10 hours a day. What is the reason?

In fact, drowsiness during pregnancy is very closely related to changes in progesterone hormones in pregnant mothers.Performatone hormone is an important factor in early growth and development of fetal fetuses, but according to data, progesterone hormone has a certain hypnotic effect, so it is prone to sleepy symptoms of pregnant mothers during pregnancy.

Most of these situations are pregnant, which causes hormones in pregnant mothers to change, and the symptoms of discomfort will not adversely affect the health of maternal and infants.However, if the pregnant mother finds the following symptoms, it is not necessary to avoid threatening the health of maternal and infants.

1. Continuous lumbar back soreness

Under normal circumstances, most pregnant mothers will have to varying degrees of back pain during pregnancy.Especially during the third trimester, due to the inconvenience of the abdomen, the symptoms of back and back soreness are even more obvious, but most of them will be relieved after the break.

However, if pregnant mothers have persistent back pain during pregnancy, they must pay special attention, because this is most likely caused by pelvic pressure or pelvic forward leaning.If it is not treated in a timely manner, it is likely that the pregnant mother’s lower limbs are limited, and other chronic diseases such as lumbar disc herniation are induced.

2. calf spasm

Many pregnant mothers in the clinic will come to the doctor because of the symptoms of calf spasm frequently during pregnancy.

Under normal circumstances, most of the symptoms of pregnant mothers’ calf spasm are caused by lack of calcium, phosphorus miniature elements, and excessive exercise.Under normal circumstances, symptoms can be relieved and disappeared after replenishing trace elements or appropriate rest.

However, if some patients with basic cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, after the above response measures, they still accompanied by frequent spasm and symptoms of legs and pain in the legsThrost, you need to seek medical treatment as soon as possible.

3. Abnormal fetal movement

Women with fertility should know that obvious fetal movements can be felt during pregnancy.

In fact, the so -called fetal movement is caused by the fetus rotating the body in the uterus and colliding with the wall of the uterine.Generally speaking, fetal movements will become more obvious as the fetus’s body continues to grow.

Under normal circumstances, the baby’s fetal movement is regular and can reach 3-5 times per hour in the middle and late stages.However, if the fetal movement is frequent, the fetal movement is reduced, or the fetal movement disappears, it must be medical treatment in time, because this is very likely that the fetus has a umbilical cord around the neck due to changes in the position, which induces oxygen in the palace.

4. vaginal bleeding

For female friends aged 13 and over, they will regularly develop vaginal bleeding every month, which is what people call "menstruation" and "big aunt".

However, under normal circumstances, because the progesterone in women during pregnancy is secreted in a high state, the endometrium will not occur during pregnancy, that is, vaginal bleeding should not be occurred.

Therefore, once the mother finds the vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, it must be medical treatment in time, because it is very likely that the embryo tissue is a threatened abortion caused by the endometrium of the uterine.

In order to ensure the health of maternal and infants, pregnant mothers and relatives must be alert to adverse symptoms during pregnancy. Once abnormalities are found, seek medical treatment in time.At the same time, pregnant mothers must also do prevention and care in life to avoid accidents.

Regular pregnancy test is an important way to ensure the health of pregnant mothers and fetuses.

It mainly includes basic health examination, compulsory projects, and health guidance during pregnancy.It can help scientific and accurately understand the health of maternal and infants.For example, you can use B -ultrasound and other imaging examinations to eliminate malformations.Therefore, in order to ensure the healthy and safety of mothers and infants, it is recommended that women follow the doctor’s regular medical examination after pregnancy.

Secondly, quitting bad habits is also very important for maternal and infant health.

With the increasing pressure of modern society and life, many people’s lifestyle routines have also changed greatly.Especially for many young people, they often have bad habits of eating unhealthy takeaway food and long -term staying up late to play mobile phones.

However, these habits are not good for health, especially for female friends during pregnancy, long -term consumption of unhealthy food such as takeaway will cause pregnant mothers to lack nutrition and affect the growth and development of the fetus.If chemicals such as preservatives in food are excessive, they may also cause fetal malformations.

Furthermore, women should also pay special attention to the schedule during pregnancy, because irregular work and rest will seriously affect the endocrine of pregnant mothers.Especially before 16 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers staying up late for a long time will seriously affect the absorption of nutrients by the fetus, causing the baby to be too light weight and induce malnutrition.

If staying up late during pregnancy, it may cause, and the fetus has congenital qi and blood weakness.Because after 11 o’clock at night, it is the main time of human hepatobiliary organs. Once a long period of time is irregular, it will lead to blood loss in pregnant mothers, causing the fetus to have symptoms of congenital qi and blood deficiency.

Therefore, it is recommended that women have to restrain themselves in order to consider themselves and fetuses during pregnancy, change their bad habits, and try to sleep before 10 pm.If you have insomnia, you can relax your body through bathing before bedtime, drinking hot milk, etc. to help sleep.

October in pregnant is a painful and happy process. Most of the pregnant mothers will experience various physiological discomfort such as pregnancy, frequent urination, and fart during pregnancy. However, most of them are normal phenomena.However, if vaginal bleeding such as vaginal bleeding during pregnancy, you must seek medical treatment in time.And it is recommended that prospective parents understand the precautions during pregnancy to avoid taboos during pregnancy.

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