Four things you must do after discovering pregnancy

"After two weeks after a good friend, I found that I was pregnant in an experiment. During this period, I had a cold and took medicine, and I had a drink with my husband for two cups … I did n’t do so much.Will it affect the fetus? "" I found that I was pregnant, should I go to a large hospital or a registered consultation for a large hospital or an obstetrics and gynecology clinic? "

Facing the full -doubt of Huai Mommy, Qiu Siyuan, director of the Obstetrics Department of Wanfang Hospital, said that after discovering that he was pregnant, Huama Mummy could start from these 4 things: 1. To make a production inspection project according to personal needs; 2. Master the medical treatmentTo confirm before taking the safety of the medication; 3. Maintain a relaxed mood, maintain a regular life, and not panic, not nervous; 4. Adjust the daily diet content, make the baby in the belly full of nutritional scores, and double the health of Huai Mummy.Huai Mommy has done these 4 things with her heart, so that she can fully enjoy the sweet load of pregnancy and spend the pregnancy.

The first thing ~ Customized production inspection items

● Exclude uneasy factors in the early stages of pregnancy

According to medical definition, during the early pregnancy period, during the period of 0 to 12 weeks of pregnancy, whether it is an old age or a general pregnant mummy, the first thing to find after the pregnancy is to confirm the situation of the embryo bed.

Dr. Qiu Siyuan said, "In the early stages of pregnancy, it depends on whether there is an ectopic pregnancy? As long as it is determined to be bed in the uterus, then it depends on whether it is a normal embryo?The fetus or twins are pregnant, etc. "This time the check -up time is about 6 to 8 weeks of pregnancy (usually the timing of the obstetrics and gynecology examination immediately after the good friend did not come).

● Pregnancy with age, high risk in the early stages of pregnancy

About 8 weeks of pregnancy, you have to confirm whether the embryo has no heartbeat and heartbeat is normal?Dr. Qiu Siyuan said, "In clinical cases, it is found that the older pregnant women are less likely to conceive. This is because the quality of the eggs will decline with the growth of women.It may be an air cell egg, that is, corrupted fertilized eggs, or the incidence of expired abortion is higher than that of ordinary pregnant women, that is, to a certain extent, the embryo heartbeat suddenly gone. These situations are special pregnancy.Pay attention. "

In addition, he said: "Come again is to see if there is any habitual abortion. The proportion of habitual abortion in the elderly pregnant mummy is also high. If there is really no normal embryo for a long time, it is recommended that the husband and wife must do chromosomes to do chromosomes.Check. "

After the risk factors in the early stages of pregnancy are eliminated one by one, about 8-12 weeks of pregnancy, Huai Mommy can receive the "Pregnant Women’s Health Manual" and start this unique life journey.Dr. Qiu Siyuan said that the time point of the "health manual" issued by different medical institutions to Huai Mummy’s "Pregnant Women" is also slightly different.He gave an example, "Taking Wanfang Hospital as an example, the manual will be issued after entering the second pregnancy." Drag the manual so late to avoid various uncertain accidents.

Note ~ Older pregnant moms do shellacal puncture directly

After the elderly pregnant mummy confirms that the embryo is developing normally, she will do shepherd in the middle of pregnancy.If it is a normal pregnant mummy, you can do the fetal neck transparent band screening at your own expense in the early stages of pregnancy.

The second thing ~ confirm before medication

● The medicine for medicine 3 weeks before pregnancy does not affect

Generally speaking, before 4 weeks of pregnancy, most of the Huai Mommy did not know that she was pregnant. It was not until the good friends who did not come to report next month before they began to doubt that they might be "having."If you do n’t know, because of a cold or still taking Chinese medicine to condition your body, the pregnant mother can inevitably worry about whether it will affect the fetus?

Dr. Qiu Siyuan said, "Generally speaking, the first three weeks of pregnancy, if you take any drugs, have little effect on the embryo, even if you take X -rays, there will be no impact.If you take medicine, you must pay special attention. "

Note ~ Do not use any drugs by yourself

During pregnancy, the lutein concentration in Huai Mummy has a high concentration, and lutein helps to relax the muscles of the whole body.However, because of this, the parts where muscle strain or injuries had occurred before will have the symptoms of these parts during pregnancy because of poor muscle tension.Dr. Qiu Siyuan said that if there is such a situation, some appropriate drugs can help alleviate, but it is recommended that Huai Mommy not buy and use any drugs, especially after the ingredients of some drugs are added, it will have the effect of enhancing efficacy., But it may also affect the health of the fetus, it is recommended to ask the doctor to open it.

The third thing ~ Keep a relaxed mood

● Take more to do more intense activities

In the early stages of pregnancy, the lutein secretion in Huai Mummy’s body was relatively high, and it also made Huama Mia easily feel that she wanted to sleep and the attention was not easy to concentrate. During this period, it was recommended that Huai Mommy seized the opportunity to rest more.Dr. Qiu Siyuan is particularly dingling, especially for the older mummy, usually in the workplace, which is also high in the workplace. It is relatively stressful, and it is easy to have bleeding. In the early stage, bleeding is one of the signs of threatened abortion.If there are bleeding or slight collisions during this period, you should go to the hospital immediately.If there is bleeding during pregnancy, it may also be vaginal long polyps or cervical cancer, so be vigilant.Doctors will give lutein depending on the situation, the main role is to stabilize bleeding, but the best way to settle is still more rest."Moreover, after adding lutein, Huai Mommy will easily feel like I want to sleep. This situation is recommended to rest at home." Dr. Qiu Siyuan said.

Note ~ Walking is the best exercise

Within 12 weeks, it is still a high -risk period that is susceptible to abortion. Dr. Qiu Siyuan said that the only exercise that can continue during this period is walking, other types of exercise, such as pregnant women yoga, pregnant women Tai Chi, flywheel aerobic, aerobic water aerobic, water in water, aerobic water, and aerobic water aerobics, water in water, and aerobic water., Swimming, etc., it is recommended to be better after 12 weeks.The more severe exercise, such as running, is not recommended throughout the pregnancy.In addition, it is necessary to avoid long -distance flights. On the one hand, it is because there are ultraviolet rays on the plane and sitting on a chair for a long time. Pregnant moms are also prone to varicose veins and lower limbs.If it is a short -range flight, it is recommended to be better after 12 weeks.

The fourth thing ~ adjust the diet content

● BMI value before pregnancy determines the dietary menu during pregnancy

After pregnancy, the weight gain is inseparable from the nutritional intake.How to be fat and not fat is an important dietary homework for mother Huai.Wei Binhui, a nutritionist at Wanfang Hospital, said that the BMI -bearing mummy with too light value before pregnancy can achieve nutritional needs by adding a nutritional snack of 1 to 2 daily.

"The thinner pregnant mommy usually has a small appetite, and it is easy to harmful and happy in the early stages of pregnancy. In fact, you don’t need to eat a lot at a time, so as not to be more prone to nausea., 1 fruit, add a small piece of meat or a small piece of vegetables, etc., can double your health and be nutritious. "

However, if the BMI value before pregnancy is a fat or obese pregnant mummy, pay more attention to the control of calories during pregnancy."This type of Huai Mommy does not need to increase the calories or consumption, but pay attention to avoid excessive oil, and pay more attention to the intake of sugar -containing foods, such as starch foods, so as not to increase the weight in the early stages of pregnancy."

Note ~ protein, folic acid should be supplemented

Eat more protein and folic acid foods in the early stages of pregnancy, such as eating salmon, pork, chicken, green vegetables, pods, etc. of 3 to 4 times a week.) Foods with high sugar (candy, sugar -containing drink).In addition, pay attention to the freshness of the ingredients to avoid causing gastroenteritis.Of course, it is best to touch the silt, wine, tea, and coffee after learning less.

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